Quick Facts about Boracay

If you have thought about going to a beach in the Philippines , one island will probably come to mind Boracay. It boasts white beaches, awesome beach resorts, a ton of bars and restaurants, and on peak season, enough people to sink the whole island. A lot of the time, those reasons are exactly why … Read more

Quick Facts about Corregidor Island

The Philippines is famous for the role it played during the Second World War on behalf of the Allied Forces in the Pacific. Some places in the country were more crucial than others though, and one island in particular was vital to strategic defense. With numerous signs of the war like ruins and cannons scattered … Read more

Quick Facts about Bataan Province

The province of Bataan, located in Central Luzon , maintains an important place in history for being one of the last locations where the American and Filipino forces unsuccessfully tried to fight off the Japanese invading forces. It was also the starting point of the infamous Bataan Death March, in which 75,000 American and Filipino … Read more

Quick Facts about Davao City

Quick Facts About Davao City Banner

While most cities that one usually hears about the Philippines come from the main island of Luzon, the countries largest group of islands and where the capital can be found, Mindanao has its own nice places that tourists must visit before leaving.