BDO Credit Cards You Can Choose From

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There are over 20 BDO credit cards from six different brands (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, and Diners Club), so it’s easy to choose the wrong card that doesn’t fit your needs.

Therefore, it is important to know yourself-your needs, lifestyle, and spending habits-before applying for a credit card.
Each type of credit card has own specific features and benefits, depending on your lifestyle or needs.

Study the fine print on each credit card and make a choice according to what is important to you.

For people who does spend a lot of money on groceries every month, a credit card that earns air miles is not the right fit for them.
We’ll go over each credit card type in detail and explore the options available for you so you can choose the best BDO credit card.

Basic or regular credit cards.
With Mastercard, you can shop more.
Mastercard is a standard payment method.
Installment cards issued by BDO.
Using the Forever21 MasterCard.
Mastercard Bench.
Classic Visa.
Lucky Cat JCB.
The American Express Blue card.
Cardholders who are more concerned about convenience than rewards can benefit from the basic BDO credit cards.

In the event of bankruptcy, the credit card can be resold to another party.

BDO credit cards have a 3.50% interest rate and fewer exclusive perks for cardholders.

Regular or basic BDO credit cards are typically only used occasionally or for emergencies, making them ideal for first-time cardholders building up their credit history since they have relatively higher interest rates.
Card with rewards.
a. Reward programs for travelers.
Golden Mastercard.
The J.C.B. gold standard.
Golden UnionPay.
Dining Club International.
Credit card from American Express.
Amex Credit Card.
American Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card.
b. You can earn rewards when you shop.
A cashback credit card from American Express.
c. Rewards for dining and entertainment.
Gold Visa.
d. You can earn rewards when you buy gas.
Mastercard for LausAutoGroup.
BDO rewards credit cards have a higher annual fees (Php 1,800 – Php 3,000) than basic cards, but the cost is offset by the exclusive perks and reward points you’ll receive from every purchase.
If you are looking for rewards on air miles, cashback, travel privileges, or vehicle rebates, you can choose from different credit cards that offer a wide range of rewards.
If you are a frequent shopper, for example, using a rewards card would be better than paying with cash. The latter offers no rewards, while the BDO card gives you cashback for every item you purchase.
A cashback perk allows you to earn back a percentage of the money you spend on your credit card.
Are you using your car every day? You can earn points for fuel and gas purchases by using a BDO rewards credit card. You can choose from a variety of BDO cards that reward you with air miles or travel points on every peso you spend.

Choosing the card that is offering the highest rewards for the categories in which you spend the most.
Additionally, consider the minimum amount to qualify for rewards as well as the expiration date of such rewards. The higher the bonus and the longer the validity period of the rewards, the better.
The premium credit card.
It is a titanium MasterCard.
Mastercard Platinum.
The Visa Platinum card.
The Platinum Credit Card from American Express.
Cardholders of the Cathay Pacific American Express Elite Credit Card.
JCB Platinum.
Diamond UnionPay.
Premiere of the Diners Club.

The premium BDO credit card is designed for high-earning individuals who prefer upscale purchases.

Credit cards from these companies have a higher credit limit, annual fees, and interest rates, but they also provide some of the best exclusive benefits like travel insurance, front-row tickets to concerts, product warranties, and emergency services.
The cards are designed for affluent individuals with the ability to pay their credit card bills on time every month. Therefore, the minimum gross annual income requirement (between Php 1,000,000 and Php 1,800,000) is much higher than that for the other credit card categories.