Types of BDO Accounts You Can Open

According to your financial objectives, there are different BDO savings accounts that you can choose from:

a. Savings account for BDO Passbook.

Without or with an ATM, Peso Passbook Savings is available. If you choose not to use the ATM, you won’t be tempted to spend money on unnecessary items. Saving money for short or long-term goals is easy with a passbook savings account.

Peso Passbook Savings ensures that all your financial transactions are recorded in a bank-issued notebook or passbook, whereas an ATM or debit card leaves you more prone to identity theft and other fraudulent activities.

If safety is a major concern, choose a passbook savings account and consider an ATM only if you are ready to take the risks.

Among the key features are:

ATMs are available with or without.
The required initial deposit is Php 5,000
MADB (Monthly Average Daily Balance) Minimum: Php10,000
For interest to accrue, the balance must be at least 10,000 pesos
Interest Rate: 0.125% Gross per annum
b. Savings account for BDO ATMs.
BDO ATM Savings allows you to receive payments, pay bills, withdraw cash, transfer funds, shop online, and enjoy a host of other conveniences made possible by BDO Online Banking.

The account is perfect for those who prefer not to bring cash to the store.

Among the key features are:

Passbook not present.
Php 2,000 as the initial deposit
There is a Php2,000 minimum requirement for an average daily balance (MADB).
Php 5,000 is the minimum balance for earning interest
The gross interest rate is 0.125% per annum
c. Savings with BDO Optimum.
A BDO savings account offering the highest interest rates, Optimum Savings is ideal for entrepreneurs who are actually seeking for the most return on their money, as well as people who want to be more flexible than time deposit accounts.

Optimum Savings offers high interest rates as well as free debits and withdrawals up to three times per month from your account.

Among the key features are:

Php30,000 (Personal); Php50,000 (Business) as an initial deposit.
MADB (Monthly Average Daily Balance) Requirement: Php 30,000 (Personal); Php 50,000 (Business).
The minimum balance to actually earn interest is Php 30,000 (for personal accounts); Php 50,000 (for businesses accounts).
For the latest interest rates of each account, please contact your preferred BDO branch.
d. Junior Savers at BDO.
With the BDO Junior Savers, parents are able to teach financial literacy to children 12 years old and younger with an effective tool.
By giving your kids their own savings account at an early age, you teach them the value of saving money and handling it properly.

Among the key features are:

Children under the age of 12 can create a Passbook.
Kids aged 7-12 can request a BDO/ATM EMV Debit Card if they wish.
By using online banking or Easy Saver, you can transfer funds from your BDO account to your child’s Junior Savers account.
Initially, Php 100 must be deposited
The minimum MADB (Monthly Average Daily Balance) requirement is Php 100
Interest is earned on balances of Php 2,000 or more
e. Dollar Savings by BDO.
An account where you can earn interest on US dollars while keeping your US dollars. Additionally, it comes with a passbook.

The following features stand out:

Initially, 200 USD must be deposited
Requirements for minimum MADB (Monthly Average Daily Balance): USD 500
Interest is earned if you have at least USD 500 in your account
f. Dollar BDO Prime Savers.
A Prime Savers Dollar account for senior citizens (60 and up) offers perks such as special forex rates and priority teller serviceFeatured in this version:.

Key Features:

USD 200 is the minimum initial deposit
A monthly average daily balance for the account of at least USD 200 is required for MADB (Monthly Average Daily Balance)
Interest is earned if you have at least USD 500 in your account
An annual rate of 0.05% on gross interest

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