Can I load my beep card online?

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So, you want to know Can I load my beep card online?

How do I load my beep™ card? 1. Log in to BPI Online or BPI Mobile app and go to “Payments/Load.”

Where can I load my GCash beep card?

You can load Beep cards at any LRT and MRT station, passenger terminals of transport partners, and selected Ministop branches.

How do I reload my beep rides card?

Where can I reload my Beep card? Beep cards can be topped up at any LRT or MRT station as well as at passenger terminals of transport partners. Over-the-counter reloading is also available at select Ministop branches. Card holders may also reload through self-service kiosks around the metro.

Can I transfer beep card balance?

According to beep, any remaining balance on an expired card can be transferred to a new card anytime within 12 months after the expiry date.

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Can I use my phone as beep card?

To enable this feature, check that your phone has an NFC feature and that it is switched on. Cardholders must then download the latest version of the beep card app. On the main menu, tap Buy beep Load and select the card that would be reloaded or input the details of the unregistered card.

Does beep card load expire?

Beep cards have a set expiration date regardless if they still have credits (load) and you use them daily. But you don’t have to get a new one once they expire, all you have to do is go to an MRT station and have it checked at the cashier.

What network can GCash load?

You can buy regular load and load promos from the following internet providers: Globe Broadband and Business. Smart Bro. PLDT Home.

Can I use GCash Mastercard for beep?

As an extra feature, another type of GCash card can also be used as a Beep to pay for your MRT/LRT commute around Metro Manila. The cost of GCash card is ₱150, while the GCash Mastercard with Beep is ₱210. There is no additional charge for the delivery.

What bank can I use my GCash Card?

The collaboration between CIMB Bank and GCash has given birth to the country’s first-ever bank account that can be opened and maintained straight from the GCash app! No initial deposit, no maintaining balance, no lock-in period, and no-hassle in moving funds to and from your GCash wallet.

How much is Beep card now?

👉 How Much is a Beep Card? The beep card price in train stations is ₱100, a one-time issuance fee per card. You can also buy outside the train stations for ₱130.

Can I load Beep card in 711?

Aside from the 300 Bayad Center branches, train passengers will also have the option to reload in over 1,100 Metro Manila branches of 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, and Family Mart by September. The beep card system was introduced last October 2015 and can be accepted in the MRT-3, LRT-1, LRT-2 and select bus lines.

Can I check Beep card balance online?

How to check Beep‚Ñ¢ card load balance online using the Beep‚Ñ¢ mobile app. For easy and convenient access to your card, Beep‚Ñ¢ introduced their mobile app. With this app, you can check the load balance and view your card transactions. This app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Why do beep cards expire?

Beep cards, tap-to-pay cards used for train and bus rides and even in food kiosks, are designed to expire after four years to ensure it won’t malfuction due to wear and tear, beep said.

Where else can I use my beep card?

It is a stored value contactless card that can be used for fare payments in Metro Manila’s 3 elevated railways: LRT1, LRT2, and MRT3. It can also be used in select city buses such as BGC Bus, Point-to-Point (P2P) buses, Modern PUVs nationwide and EDSA buses.

What if I lose my beep card?

You may proceed to any Transport Establishment to report your lost or stolen Concessionary beep‚Ñ¢ Card and request for the card to be blacklisted.

Can I use GCash in NFC?

Receive the load by placing the card against the back of the phone, and do not remove until the confirmation pops up on the screen. AF Payments said the app currently accepts payments via Mastercard, Visa, or JCB credit and debit cards, as well as GCash, PayMaya, or QR PH, and carries a minimal processing fee.

How do I reload my Beep Card on my Iphone?

Step 1: Open the Beep Card app and click the menu button on the bottom right corner. Step 2: Tap “Buy Beep Load”. Step 3: Pick the Beep Card account you want to reload. Step 4: Enter the amount you want to reload. Step 5: Click “Continue”.

Can I use NFC in the Philippines?

The tiny pacific island nation has become one of the first countries in the world to get a commercial NFC service with the launch of ‘Beep and Go’, a service introduced by local carrier Digicel that works in conjunction with NFC phones and stickers as well as the carrier’s existing‚Ķ

What to do with expired load card?

If your prepaid card expires while you still have money on it, you may be able to request a replacement card to access the funds. You may also try to close out your account by requesting that your balance be mailed to you in the form of a check. The provider might charge you a fee for this.

Where can I renew my expired Beep card?

Beep Express Renewal terminals are deployed at all LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3 stations.

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