Can I pay SSS on mobile app?

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So, you want to know Can I pay SSS on mobile app?

Aside from this, individual members may also use the mobile app and website of other SSS’ accredited collecting partners, such as Robinsons Bank Corporation (RBC), Security Bank Corporation (SBC) ‚Äì SBOL, Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP), AltPayNet, CIS Bayad Center, Inc. (CBCI), GCash, and PayMaya.

Can I pay my SSS loan through GCash?

1. Can I pay my SSS loan amortization in GCash? No. The SSS PRN (Payment Reference Number) payment feature only accepts payments for individual contributions.

How can I pay my SSS voluntary contribution?

Create a Taxumo account or log-in to your Taxumo account at Choose Pay Bills and then Gov’t Contributions on the left sidebar. Select the Payment Type. Select Payor Type. Enter your Payment Reference Number (PRN) if you have one.

What is the PRN number of SSS?

The SSS PRN is a unique series of number which you will present/encode in the SSS Payment Partners (like Bayad Center, Gcash, Paymaya, Banks). You will need to generate a new Payment Reference Number every time you will pay your SSS Contribution either monthly or quarterly.

Can I pay SSS on mobile app Related Questions

How can I get PRN in SSS mobile app?

SSS account user ID and password. If they don’t have an account yet, they can also use the SSS Mobile App in creating their My. SSS account by selecting “Register” located at the apps’ sidebar. After signing in, tap “Generate PRN/SOA” icon in the SSS Mobile App home screen to get a PRN.

How can I generate PRN for SSS loan payment in mobile app?

Download the SSS Mobile App. Enter the My. Onscreen, tap Generate PRN. Tap Create on the upper right corner of the screen. Choose a membership type. Choose an applicable period (month/s and year for contribution payment). Choose the contribution amount. Tap Submit.

Can I pay my SSS loan without PRN number?

How to Generate and Pay your SSS Loan Payment Reference Number (PRN)? Just like in the SSS Contributions where contributions are posted real time by implementing Payment Reference Number first, in paying SSS Loans you are first required to generate your Payment Reference number.

How can I pay my loan through GCash?

GET YOUR CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER (CAN). Log in to your Borrower Registration System Account using your registered email and password. OPEN GCASH APP. CHOOSE CATEGORY. INPUT BORROWER INFORMATION. CONFIRMATION. PAYMENT RECEIVED.

How much is the penalty for late payment of SSS contribution?

RULE V-EMPLOYER’S CONTRIBUTION (4) If any EC contribution is not paid to the SSS or to the GSIS as herein prescribed, the delinquent employer shall pay the unremitted or delinquent contribution, plus a penalty thereon of six percent (6%) per annum.

Can I still pay SSS voluntary contribution late?

To the Self-employed Person and Voluntary Member Self-employed and voluntary members may pay their monthly contributions prospectively or in advance, but never retroactively to cover month/s when no contribution payments were remitted.

Can I pay SSS contribution after due date?

Contributions for any of the last twelve (12) applicable months may be paid in the current month. 2. In case the payment deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, payment may be made on the next working day.

How much is the SSS voluntary contribution for 2023?

2023 SSS Contribution Table. In accordance with RA 11199, otherwise known as the Social Security Act of 2018. Starting January 2023, the members’ contributions will increase from 13% to 14%.

How can I get my SSS PRN number through text?

You may just directly send this keyword SSS PRN to get your PRN for next month or next quarter.

How can I pay my SSS loan?

The monthly amortization shall start on 2nd month following the date of loan, which is due on or before the payment deadline, as follows: Payment shall be made at any SSS branch with tellering facility, SSS-accredited bank or SSS-authorized payment center.

What is the meaning of CRN in SSS card?

The card also contains a picture of the bearer’s face, signature and common reference number (CRN) or SSS number on the front.

How can I pay my SSS PRN through BPI?

Go to the BPI Mobile app, swipe up and tap “BPI eGov”. Tap on ‚ÄúGet Started‚Äù and select the government biller you wish to pay. Input the following details: a. Amount to pay. b. Enter your BPI Online username and password. Select an account. Enter your One-Time PIN and you’re done.

How can I pay my SSS contribution in Bayad Center?

Step 1: Go to any Bayad Center branch nationwide and present your valid ID. Step 2: Fill out the payment slip with your name, SSS loan reference number, and the amount you wish to pay. Step 3: Give the payment slip to the cashier and pay the corresponding amount.

Can I pay SSS PRN using credit card?

Generate PRN/SOA? icon. After the member has created his PRN, he needs to click the Pay button to display the two options: “Pay with PayMaya Account” or “Credit/Debit Card”. If the member opted to pay using his PayMaya account, the screen will display the Payment Reference Number, amount, and convenience fee.

Where can I get PRN for SSS loan payment?

Social Security System (SSS) members may now get their Personal Reference Number (PRN) by calling the SSS PRN Helpline at 920-6446 to 55 or local Toll-free Hotline 1-800-10-2255-777 anytime from Mondays to Fridays.

What do I put in my account number when paying my SSS loan?

Account Number : This will be your LOAN ACCOUNT NUMBER on your My. SSS account under the ‚ÄúPRN ‚Äì LOANS‚Äù feature. Don’t be confused with your SSS Number. Payor Type : In most cases, this should be ‚ÄúIndividual.‚Äù

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