Can I reload Beep card using PayMaya?

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So, you want to know Can I reload Beep card using PayMaya?

Through a tie-up between Beep operator AF Payments Inc. (AFPI) and PayMaya, beep users can now reload their card via the new Beep app, using their PayMaya account; any debit, credit or prepaid card; or via other e-wallets. Already have an active account? Log in here.

How do I pay my Beep card with Maya?

Open Maya app. Click on ‘Travel’ Icon. Choose Operator & Route. Choose the Origin and Destination. Check ticket amount and confirm payment. Wait for the QR code which is only valid for 24 hours. You may share or save on your device.

Where can I buy a load for my Beep card?

You can load Beep cards at any LRT and MRT station, passenger terminals of transport partners, and selected Ministop branches.

How do I load my beep rides card?

train teller booths and ticket vending machines. beep kiosks. beep partner merchants. BPI Online. Shopeepay. GCash. Maya. Ministop.

Can I reload Beep card using PayMaya Related Questions

Can I use Maya card as Beep card?

(Smart), the PayMaya Visa card also allows users to enjoy the same benefits of the regular contactless beep card deployed under the Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS). This means your daily commute will be a breeze (#NoFOMO!).

Can I load using PayMaya?

Step 1: Go to a Touch Pay kiosk, go to E-Money and choose ‘PayMaya’ Step 2: Key in mobile number and amount you want to load up. Step 3: Insert money and collect your receipt. Step 4: You will receive a SMS-based confirmation.

How can I transfer my Beep card balance to GCash?

Select the beep card that you want to recharge. Select the amount of recharge. Confirm the amount to pay. Select GCash icon from the selection. Enter your GCash account (mobile) number. Input the OTP received. Enter your GCash PIN code. Review and confirm transaction to pay the amount.

How do I top up my Maya card?

Open the app and tap the “TouchPay” icon. Enter your desired Cash in amount in the app. Wait to receive your 7-digit code via SMS. On the TouchPay kiosk tap “e-money” and then “Maya” Type in the 7-digit code and your desired Cash In amount.

How do I load my Maya physical card?

On your Maya app, select the Cards section at the top of the homescreen (or navigate to Services and tap Cards under Essentials) Tap “Activate a Maya Card” Input the required details such as your 16-digit card number, Expiry date, 3-digit CVV.

Can I buy load on beep card using Gcash?

Select Brand “BEEP”. 3. Click TREAT and Pay via Gcash, Grabpay, Paymaya or Credit/Debit payment.

Can I buy beep card in 7 Eleven?

Aside from the 300 Bayad Center branches, train passengers will also have the option to reload in over 1,100 Metro Manila branches of 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, and Family Mart by September. The beep card system was introduced last October 2015 and can be accepted in the MRT-3, LRT-1, LRT-2 and select bus lines.

How much does it cost to load a beep card?

beep‚Ñ¢ cards can be purchased with a one-time card fee of P30 in the train stations. Outside the train stations, the cards are sold for P50. The card is reloadable and valid for 4 years (with an option to extend for 1 more year).

Can I use my phone as beep card?

To enable this feature, check that your phone has an NFC feature and that it is switched on. Cardholders must then download the latest version of the beep card app. On the main menu, tap Buy beep Load and select the card that would be reloaded or input the details of the unregistered card.

Can I still use expired beep card?

Beep cards have a set expiration date regardless if they still have credits (load) and you use them daily. But you don’t have to get a new one once they expire, all you have to do is go to an MRT station and have it checked at the cashier.

Can I buy beep card in Family Mart?

The beep‚Ñ¢ card can be purchased for P20, is reloadable up to P10,000, and valid for four years. beep‚Ñ¢ cards can be used at FamilyMart branches where you can find beep‚Ñ¢ card tap-and-go terminals.

Can I have 2 Maya cards?

Each PayMaya account can link up to three physical PayMaya cards. Don’t use the same physical card for more than one PayMaya account! Be sure to set your 6-digit PIN for each physical PayMaya card for withdrawal purposes!

Can I withdraw money from Maya card?

You can withdraw money from your Maya Card once you have activated your Maya physical card and have nominated a PIN. Note that you can only withdraw money via your Maya Card if you have an upgraded Maya wallet account.

How do I know if my Maya card is activated?

If the second PIN entered does not match the first PIN, you will be prompted with an error message, and will be asked to enter the second PIN correctly. Your successfully activated card should now be fully visible in the CARD CAROUSEL under the CARDS Tab of the Maya App.

Which is safer PayMaya or GCash?

Winner: Both. By principle, GCash and PayMaya should be safe, as they comply with industry standards. Though, one may consider that GCash wins by a hair because of its Facial ID feature.

How much is the load fee in PayMaya?

Yes, there will be a 2% cash in fee when adding money to your PayMaya account through a 7-Eleven branch.

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