Can I use GCash for Tala?

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So, you want to know Can I use GCash for Tala?

Pay Only Through Official Channels 7-Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, GCash, PayMaya, and are the only payment channels authorized by Tala. If you have issues with repaying your loan, contact Tala through email at

How do I pay my Tala loan without the app?

If you want to pay safely from your home, you can choose to pay via GCash,, or PayMaya. If you don’t have these mobile payment apps on your smartphone, you can go to authorized payment locations such as 7-Eleven, M Lhuillier, and Cebuana Lhuillier.

How to pay online loan using GCash?

GET YOUR CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER (CAN). Log in to your Borrower Registration System Account using your registered email and password. OPEN GCASH APP. CHOOSE CATEGORY. INPUT BORROWER INFORMATION. CONFIRMATION. PAYMENT RECEIVED.

What will happen if you Cannot pay Tala?

While other lenders charge a penalty for every day that you are late, Tala only charges a one-time late fee of 5%. You’ll also be able to borrow from us again after you repay your current balance. Please note that certain exclusions apply and your loan application is subject to further review.

Can I use GCash for Tala Related Questions

How do I pay my Tala loan?

How to pay Tala in Kenya? Customers can repay their Tala loan with M-PESA Xpress or via our Paybill 851900. When making a payment, your Tala registered phone number should be used as the account number. Download & Apply now!

Can I use my GCash for payment?

Step 1: Open your GCash App, tap on ‘Pay QR’ then tap ‘Scan QR Code’. Step 2: Align your mobile phone’s camera over the GCash QR code to scan it.

Can I pay half of my Tala loan?

We strongly encourage you to select a due date that aligns with your income cycle and to repay your loan on or before your selected due date. You can also make partial payments to reduce your balance.

Can I pay Tala anytime?

Yes, you can repay your Tala loan or credit line anytime from 1 day to 61 days. You are in full control. To be safe, we recommend customers to choose a date based on their cash flow schedule.

Can I loan again in Tala after paying?

After you repay your current balance, you’ll be able to borrow from Tala again. Please note that certain exclusions apply and your application for a new loan may be subject to further review.

How can I borrow 500 pesos from GCash?

Enjoy instant disbursement to your GCash wallet! Tap “Borrow” on the main page and select “GLoan” View your loan limit, interest rate and processing fees. Select your loan amount, purpose of loan and review the details. Review the disbursement amount, monthly dues and your first due date.

What will happen if you don’t pay your loan in GCash?

Penalty Charges A ₱100 fixed penalty fee will be charged on each unpaid installment a day after your due date, plus a variable penalty fee of 0.15% of Daily Outstanding Principal Balance that will be charged every day.

How do I add a payment method to GCash?

On your Google Play Account, go to Payments and subscriptions > Payment methods (on the website, select Edit payment methods). Select GCash > More payment settings.

What is the grace period for Tala loan?

You can choose up to 61 days to repay your Tala loan.

How long is the Tala repayment period?

Tala now gives you the flexibility to choose when to repay. You can choose a repayment date up to 61 days from the day that you cash out. Tala also makes sure that our fees are fair and transparent.

What is the maximum Tala loan limit?

The increase from thirty Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 50,000 stems from Tala’s MoneyMarch 2022 Report in which customers wished for higher loan limits with 78% of borrowers taking loans to pay for business expenses, add stock, or fund their side hustles.

What is the account number in Tala?

Our Paybill number is 851900. Use your Tala registered phone number as the account number.

How to fill repayment period on Tala?

On the Tala app home page, click on the ‚ÄúMake A Payment‚Äù button. Enter “AMOUNT” then click submit. Choose your preferred payment method: Cebuana Lhuillier, MLhuillier,, 7eleven, GCash, Maya, BPI Quickpay, ECPay, Lazada or ShopeePay.

How do I add money to Tala?

Log in to your Tala app and go to your Tala Wallet. Select “cash in” and choose your preferred cash-in channel. Follow the additional instructions that are shown in-app.

Can you convert GCash to cash?

You can cash out from your GCash Account through your GCash Card or through GCash Partner Outlets. If you don’t have a GCash card, visit How do I apply for a GCash card? to learn more.

How many hours does Tala approve a loan?

Fast decision Tala provides a loan decision in minutes. Once approved, you can receive your loan in less than 24 hours.

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