Can you share PLDT data?

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So, you want to know Can you share PLDT data?

PLDT and Smart Communications now allow subscribers to a home DSL service to share their data allocation with mobile phones of family members.

How to use PLDT Home Wi-Fi Smart LTE?

Plug in the power supply and turn on the Wi-Fi modem and press the WLAN button to enable it. Wait until the Power and ADSL led light indicator turns solid green. WLAN and internet light pulses green indicating that it’s ready to connect.

How do I connect my PLDT to GigaLife?

Connect your phone to your Prepaid WiFi signal. Download the GigaLife App & open the app. Accept the Terms & Conditions. You Prepaid Home WiFi or Pocket WiFi mobile number will be automatically applied on the app. Add your active phone number to receive important messages.

Can I Pasaload from PLDT Home Wi-Fi to Smart?

To send a promo, key in PASALOAD <11-digit mobile number> and send to 808. 1 GB VIDEO EVERY DAY for YouTube, NBA TV, iWantTFC, Cignal Play + 4 GB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts. Now you can pasaload to any Smart or Smart BRO Prepaid subscribers with your PLDT myHome account!

Can you share PLDT data Related Questions

Can I share data to smart?

PasaData, or Shareable Data, is a new innovative feature on select data offers from SMART that allows subscribers to share or pass data to anyone who is a SMART or TNT subscriber. Subscribers of both networks can share a portion of their shareable Data MB with friends and family.

How can I share internet data from one mobile to another?

On the other device, open that device’s list of Wi-Fi options. Pick your phone’s hotspot name. Enter your phone’s hotspot password. Click Connect.

Can I use other Smart SIM in PLDT home Wi-Fi?

The SIM can only be used for the Modem it is bundled with. Please do not remove the SIM to avoid issues with your Modem and sim warranty, connection, and/or promo subscriptions. PLDT may also lock the Modem for use only with the bundled SIM. The Modem may not be used if a different SIM is inserted.

Is PLDT home Wi-Fi the same with Smart?

Both Smart Bro Pocket WiFi and PLDT Home WiFi are powered by Smart’s LTE network, which currently delivers the Philippines’ fastest mobile internet speeds based on data gathered by Ookla.

How can I check my PLDT Home Smart LTE?

You can also easily track your data balance by just going to the Prepaid Home Wifi dashboard through these easy steps: (1) connect to PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi; (2) visit; and (3) Click view balance. Easy, right?

How do I transfer data to GigaLife?

How do I pass my data MB? To share your data, send PASADATA <11-digit mobile no.> MB to 808. Example: PASADATA 09462881857 50MB to 808.

How do I load data into GigaLife?

From the quick/home view screen, tap the “+” sign button beside the load balance. Select your preferred load amount. Select your Payment Method: Maya or Credit/Debit Card. If Debit/Credit is selected, enter your bank details then click save and continue.

How do I qualify for Smart UNLI data?

You can subscribe or register to Smart Unli Data 99 and Unli Data 299 promos only through the GigaLife app. If you don’t have the app installed on your smartphone yet, you may download the GigaLife app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Can I load PLDT Wi-Fi using Smart load?

You can also transfer regular load from any Smart and TNT number using the format PASALOADPLDT Home Prepaid WiFi numberAmount and then send to 808.

Can PLDT Wi-Fi be transferred?

To request for transfer of line, you may login to your myHome account or you may visit our PLDT Home Support Page, select Aftersales Requests, and click on Request for Relocation to fill out the web form.

How do I transfer load to Smart?

Text PASALOAD (space) 11-digit mobile number of the recipient (space) amount, then send it to 808. For example: PASALOAD 09191234567 2. Text 11-digit mobile number of the recipient (space) amount, then send it to 808. For example: 09191234567 2.

How do you send data to someone?

Type “Transfer” followed by friend’s number followed by data amount. For example Transfer 08130300000 1000. Send message to 131. You will receive a confirmation message if your data transfer is successful.

How do I transfer my mobile data to a friend?

Dial *141#. Select the Gift or Share Data option. Thereafter select Data Me2U. Dial *141#.

What is the code to transfer data?

Transfer Data: You can now transfer data from your existing data balance to your friends and family. Simply dial *131*Phone number*Data amount# or, text TransferPhone numberData amount and to 131.

How to transfer Internet data from one phone to another without hotspot?

Go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices. Enable this option and wait for Mobile to detect your smartphone. Once paired, on your smartphone, open Settings> Network & Internet> Hotspot & Tethering and turn on Bluetooth Tethering.

Can I use Smart 5G SIM in PLDT Home WiFi?

Yes, 5G is backward compatible. You will still be able to use Smart’s fastest 4G/LTE network.

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