Deleting Gcash Account Permanently

It has been proven to be actually indispensable tool in the daily lives of many Filipinos. GCash users, however, have suggested deactivating their accounts for a variety of reasons.

Your old GCash account can be deleted if you have a new GCash account and want to delete your old one. Some users (including you) opened GCash accounts that have since been forgotten back when you had to text some keywords to register. I’ve probably opened two or three GCash accounts through that method (that was before mobile apps were available for GCash). Even though the old and forgotten GCash accounts should be left undisturbed, there might be some who want them closed forever.

The Deactivation or the deletion of your GCash account is another reason if you have no use for GCash any longer. GCash may not be your favorite wallet and you want to switch to another such as PayMaya. Even though GCash is the Philippines’ most popular e-wallet, it has some shortcomings that make the PayMaya and the a little bit more viable alternatives.

As far as I know, the GCash does not suspend nor delete inactive accounts. You won’t be charged monthly fees and your account won’t be deleted if it has been dormant or inactive for some time. Even if you don’t like GCash or can’t use it any more, you can just leave it alone.

If you actually have a new mobile number or if you lost your old one, you can change your mobile number in GCash. To change your mobile number, simply submit a support ticket. To prove your identity, you may have to provide additional information. In the mobile app, you cannot change your GCash number yet.

Here are some ways to permanently delete your GCash account.

You can delete your GCash account by dialing *143#
You can delete your GCash account by using the USSD code *143# on a Globe-powered phone. To suspend an account, select Account and then Suspend.

Older Globe SIM cards may still offer the option to delete a GCash account. You can find the option to suspend or delete your GCash account by dialing *143# and navigating to GCash. Note that this only works with Globe SIM cards.

Contact Us
If dialing *143# does not allow you to delete your GCash account, you can submit a support ticket to GCash. Also, you can use the GCash app’s “Help” and “Submit a Ticket” features.

If you would like to open a support ticket, please provide the following information:

Enter the email address associated with your GCash account.
Full name as registered with GCash
Mobile number registered with GCash
Concern category – Select “My GCash Account” from the dropdown box.
Your concern should be written down – Explain your concern. “I am no longer interested in using my GCash account.”.
Attach a screenshot (optional).
Send your support ticket by clicking “Submit”. Please check your email regularly because G Cash responds most of the time within a day.

Send an email to GCash Support to request deactivation
In addition to emailing GCash at, you can request your account be deactivated or deleted.