GCash: Different Methods To Fund Your Mobile Wallet


After creating and then verifying your GCash account, it’s time to fund your mobile wallet so you can start using its services. GCash can be loaded through the channel of your preference through this guide.

What is the maximum amount you can deposit into your GCash wallet?
GCash users refer to cashing in as loading or funding their accounts. Thus, you are converting your cash into GCash so that you can use it for online or offline transactions.

You can now withdraw up to Php 100,000 per month, provided you have completed the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Users of GCash who are unverified are limited to withdrawing Php 40,000 a month.
Employees of PowerPay+ have the highest maximum cash-in limit of Php 500,000 per month.

A local debit card that is Mastercard/Visa-enabled
Click on the icon located on the very left top corner of the screen to link any of the above to your own GCash wallet. Choose BPI, Unionbank, or My Bank Cards from the list of Linked Accounts. Linking your accounts is as simple as following the instructions and providing the required information.

A text message letting you know your wallet limit has been increased should be sent to you.

Adding the following won’t increase your GCash wallet limit if you link them to your account:

GCash Mastercard
American Express Virtual Pay card
GCash wallet limits are increased for banks and debit cards associated with the above bank accounts, as shown in the table below:

Will there be a transaction fee every time I cash in?
Funding your GCash wallet depends on the cash-in channel you use.

If they link their BPI or UnionBank accounts to their wallets, GCash customers can withdraw money for free. You can cash out through Instapay through other banks, but their service fees vary.
With effect from July 6, 2020, loading your GCash wallet with your bank card (Mastercard/Visa) will incur a convenience fee of 2.58%. This is due to the direct charge from the mobile app’s payment processor partners. If, for example, you will use Cash In via Bank Card to deposit Php 100 into your wallet, the total amount deducted from your source account will be Php 102.58.

While over-the-counter cash-in transactions are free in Gcash partner outlets, they are limited to Php 8,000 per month. Then, as soon as you reach this monthly limit, you’ll have to pay a 2% service fee on all subsequent withdrawals.

What are the different methods to fund your GCash mobile wallet?
GCash wallets can be topped up in two ways.

The GCash app lets you transfer money using mobile money or you can make transactions at a GCash Partner Outlet by hand.

1. GCash app loading instructions.
With an online bank account or PayPal, you can load your GCash wallet anytime and anywhere. GCash can be converted from these channels by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Log in to GCash app and click the “Cash-In” option.

Step 2: Choose online cash-in method you prefer.

It is possible though to fund your GCash account through the mobile app if you have a bank account enrolled in online banking, an existing PayPal balance (in Philippine peso), or remittances received from family and friends.

We’ve compiled a list of the different mobile options you can use to load GCash.

i. Online Banking.
EastWest Bank
MasterCard/Visa Bank Card

ii. Remittance Partners.

Western Union

iii. Payment Partners.


Step 3: Provide any requested details to proceed with the cash-in transaction.
In whatever option you choose, GCash will be by your side. Follow the instructions that appear after selecting the mobile facility of your choice.

For online banking, you will need to log into your online banking facility and provide the bank account’s 6-digit MPIN or 11-digit GCash account or phone number.

You will need to provide the money transfer control number (MTCN) or transaction reference in order to fund your GCash wallet.

After the transaction has been approved and completed, you will receive a confirmation message via text on the mobile numbers associated with your online banking and GCash accounts.

2. Load GCash to your phone via GCash Partner Outlets.
In addition to the app, GCash partners have thousands of outlets across the country where you can cash out. GCash can be converted at these outlets over-the-counter.

You can view the list of most popular and accessible GCash Partner Outlets in the Philippines by logging into the GCash app, tapping “Cash In,” and choosing “Over-the-Counter.”

For your own convenience, here are the list of available GCash Partner Outlets where you can cash in your money over the counter:

a. Machine Cash-In.
eTap/Pay & Go
Mercury Drug
b. Supermarket.
Easy Day Shop
SM Supermarket
SM Hypermarket
All Day Supermarket
Gaisano Grand

c. Department Stores.


d. Pawnshop.
RD Pawnshop

e. Payment Facilities.
Globe Store
Bayad Center

f. Convenience Store.


g. Logistics.
LBC Express
GCash can be loaded over the counter by simply tapping the outlet of your choice to be guided step-by-step through the process.

For most of these outlets, you’ll need a valid ID, your 11-digit GCash mobile number, and the amount you want to withdraw.