Money Transfer from Gcash to GrabPay

Are you out of money to pay for your Grab car fare or food order? GrabPay wallets can be topped up using GCash. You’ll learn how to transfer money from GCash to GrabPay with just a few taps on your smartphone.

GrabPay is known as the mobile wallet that allows you to make cashless payments for Grab services like transportation and food delivery. GrabPay wallets can be topped up through online banking and mobile wallets such as GCash and PayMaya. GrabPay wallets let you withdraw money, too.

Also offered by GrabPay is a virtual MasterCard prepaid card. GrabPay cards can be used to make online purchases and in-store purchases.

If you actually have a GrabPay wallet, you can easily top up with your GCash. A friend can also receive money from your GCash account by using GrabPay. When you’re ready to order food from Grab app, just opeb up your GCash app and then transfer the money quickly and easily to your GrabPay account.

Gcash can be used to top up your GrabPay wallet
Log in to the GCash app using your MPIN. Then click “Bank Transfer.”

Under “Select Partner Banks,” tap “View All.”

Transfer from GCash to GrabPay
A list of banks will be displayed to you. Click on “GrabPay.”

Please enter the payment details as follows:

*50,000 is the maximum amount you can send.
GrabPay account name – This is the account name of the receiver.
GrabPay accounts are identified by an 11-digit mobile number.
You can enter an email address for the receiver in the Send Receipt to field.
From November 1, 2020, every transaction will be subject to a fee of *15. The GCash balance should be enough to cover the transaction fee as well as the principal amount. Transfer cannot take place otherwise.

When you’re done, tap “Send Money”.

Transfer GCash to GrabPay
You need to review your payment details. When you’re done, click “CONFIRM.”

The transfer from GCash to GrabPay has been completed. A confirmation message will be then received to you once the transfer has been completed.

Transfer of funds completed
It’s simple, isn’t it? The money will be sent within seconds with InstaPay. If the money has not been credited after one hour, call GCash at 2882.

As a conclusion
We just taught you how easy it is to transfer money from GCash to GrabPay. By using your GCash e-wallet, you no longer need to worry about how to top up your GrabPay account.

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