How to Borrow Load from Globe 2022

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About Globe Loan Load

Nowadays, owning a mobile phone is a requirement for most people. Whether it is a smartphone or just a basic phone, it will always be useful. You will need your phone not just to maintain a connection with your friends and family, but to also keep you connected with your employer. But of course, your phone will be useless without having the load to keep your connection alive.

Thankfully, you can always afford a load with all the many promos that offer different mobile networks provide. You can simply go to any reloading outlets, and load up. Staying connected is not just easy but also affordable.

But in times like the present, there is no way to know where and what situation you are in when you run out of load. It is quite nerve-racking when this happens, and you need to reload right away. Globe Telecom subscribers do not need to worry about these situations anymore.

They are well taken care of in times of emergency because of Globe Telecom’s loan load offers. They can borrow a load for emergency situations and payback later upon reload. Their initial offer for new subscribers is for three (3) texts plus ₱ 1.00 load valid for 1 day. You can pay by simply reloading your phone, and you will be charged ₱ 4.00. This offer is free of service charge. You can simply text GTSOS and send it to 3733.

Aside from GTSOS, you can avail of other loan offers as long as you are eligible. This loan offer can give you as much as ₱ 50.00 load or promo. Eligibility for the loan load offers based on your tenure or how long you have been a Globe subscriber. They also check your load history and usage to know if you qualify. Your tenure will only count for your current Globe mobile number. If you change it, your eligibility status will also change. The longer you are with Globe, the more loan load offers you can avail.

There is no due date for when you have to repay for a loan, but you cannot reloan unless you do so. Loan load also charges you with a twenty percent (20%) fix service fee. That is ₱ 1.00 for every ₱ 5.00 loan. This means that you can pay whenever you want without having to pay for additional interest. Payment is automatically deducted from your balance on your next reload. That includes your reload within the same day you avail your loan load.

How to Borrow Load from Globe

To avail of the offers, you can simply text the KEYWORD to 3733. You can also dial *143# and look for LOANS. You will receive a text notification with your loan status. If approved, you can immediately start using your load. 

Complete List of Loan Load Globe Offers

KeywordDetailsHow to AvailValidityCharge
GTSOS3 TEXTS + 1PHP LoadText GTSOS and send to 37331 dayP4.00
SURFSOS5MB of DataText SURFSOS and send to 37331 dayP5.00
LOAN LOAD5P5.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD5 and send to 37331 dayP6.00
LOAN LOAD10P10.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD10 and send to 37331 dayP12.00
LOAN LOAD15P15.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD15 and send to 37331 dayP18.00
LOAN LOAD20P20.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD20 and send to 37331 dayP24.00
LOAN LOAD25P25.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD25 and send to 37331 dayP30.00
LOAN LOAD30P30.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD30 and send to 37331 dayP36.00
LOAN LOAD35P35.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD35 and send to 37331 dayP42.00
LOAN LOAD40P40.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD40 and send to 37331 dayP48.00
LOAN LOAD45P45.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD45 and send to 37331 dayP54.00
LOAN LOAD50P50.00 LoadText LOAN LOAD50 and send to 37331 dayP60.00
LOAN GOSURF10G0SURF10Text LOAN GOSURF10 and send to 37331 dayP12.00
LOAN GOSURF15GOSURF15Text LOAN GOSURF15 and send to 37331 dayP18.00
LOAN GOSURF30GOSURF30Text LOAN GOSURF30 and send to 37331 dayP36.00
LOAN GOSURF50GOSURF50Text LOAN GOSURF50 and send to 37331 dayP60.00
LOAN SUPERFB10SUPERFB10Text LOAN SUPERFB10 and send to 37331 dayP12.00
LOAN SUPERFB15SUPERFB15Text LOAN SUPERFB15 and send to 37331 dayP18.00
LOAN SULITXT 15SULITXT 15Text LOAN SULITXT 15 and send to 37331 dayP18.00
LOAN GOUNLI20GOUNLI20Text LOAN GOUNLI20 and send to 37331 dayP24.00
LOAN GOUNLI25GOUNLI25Text LOAN GOUNLI25 and send to 37331 dayP30.00
LOAN GOUNLI30GOUNLI30Text LOAN GOUNLI30 and send to 37331 dayP36.00
LOAN GOUNLI50GOUNLI50Text LOAN GOUNLI50 and send to 37331 dayP60.00
LOAN YOUTUBE10YOUTUBE10Text LOAN YOUTUBE10 and send to 37331 dayP12.00

How to Check Your Load Load Balance in Globe

To check your balance from the LOAN LOAD, you can just text BAL and send to 222. For promo loans, you can text LOAN <space> keyword <space> BAL and send to 222. The keyword can be found in the list above.

Although the list for the loan load offers is long, there is a chance that you are not qualified to avail of all of them. To know what loan offers you are eligible for, you can text LOANINFO to 3733. This will show you all the loan offers that you are qualified for.

How to Unsubscribe from Globe Borrow Load Offer

If you do not wish to avail of the loan offers by Globe Telecom, you can dial *143#, go to LOANS and choose UNSUBSCRIBE.

If there are instances where you can’t use your active promo, check if you have enough load to maintain the promo. Some require that you have a certain load to avail of the services included in that promo. You might have used up all your balance to pay for your loan.

You can avail of the loan load offer anywhere in the Philippines. These offers do not apply to subscribers located abroad. You can also avail of the loan offers from Globe multiples times as long as the previous ones were already paid.

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