Get Free Smart and Globe Load!

Your presence here probably means that you’re looking for a quick way to get free load, right?

You’ve come to the right place! You needn’t fall for social media scams about apps and websites offering free downloads. Almost all of them are scams!

Read on to find out the most legit and proven ways to get free load right away. All of the ways I have listed here are based on my own experience. Since this is the case, I believe you can get 100% free load by simply following the steps.

Here are the various easy ways to do it!

1. How to get free GCash load
Gcash is considered to be the most popular e-wallet in the Philippines. Globe has been offering this app for years, but you can still earn money with it. If your friends download the app, you will get free load. The income you can earn by referring people is up to P1250 a month.

GCash offers free load
Register for a free P50 with my link if you don’t yet have a GCash account. Remember that you must first download the app to register, and then you must verify your account.

How easy is that? When I was a student, and now even on my blog, I earned a lot of money by referring people to GCash. The truth is that GCash has more ways to make money than you might think!

2. LYKA free load how to get

LYKA is not a new app, but it has become very popular during the past few months, so I included it in the list. It’s an app that pays users for their social media activity, and that’s the main reason it’s here!

It is definitely possible to earn real money by posting photos and videos on this site as well as rating other people’s posts.

3. Getting free load from Shopee
According to a study, 34% of 69 million internet users in the Philippines shop online. There’s a good chance you’ve shopped as well, maybe just this month. If you do not know it yet, you can actually get free load from online shopping?

You can do this by using Shopee coins. So you can earn coins, all you need to do in Shopee is complete different tasks. In Shopee, these coins can be used to purchase loads. Earning coins takes time, but they accumulate as you use the app more!

Also, you can earn Lazada coins, though they cannot be used for loading. Your coins can also be used to purchase many other things online.

4. How to get free load from Paymaya
Paymaya is another popular e-wallet in the Philippines. Due to its ownership by Smart, it competes with GCash. It’s easy to get free load from it just by registering and referring your friends! Every time you refer a friend, you can earn *100!

Refer a friend to Paymaya as well and earn P100!

5. How to get free loading from ShopBack
Take advantage of Shopback’s free loading
The Philippines’ ShopBack platform offers cashback rewards. Basically, ShopBack awards you cash back (money) every time you shop online. With ShopBack, you can earn free load in many ways.