GOTSCOMBODD90: 2GB, Unlimited Texts, Free Facebook, Instagram, Watch & Play (2021)

GOSCOMBODD90 is a GoSAKTO offer available only to Globe Prepaid customers in 2020. There’s a ‘text and data’ promo.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD90, now renamed GOSAKTO90 and still available in 2021, features 2GB open access to mobile data, 1GB per day for the GoWATCH&PLAY + GoSHARE&SHOP, and unlimited text messages for *90 – valid for 7 days.

Detailed information:
A regular mobile data plan of 2GB is included
· Unlimited texts to all networks and 1 GB of GoWiFi access
Valid for seven days (₱90)
The keyword is: GOTSCOMBODD90 / GOSAKTO

What is the registration process for GOTSCOMBODD90?
Subscribing can be done in three (3) ways:

1. GOTSCOMBODD90 or GOSAKTO90 can be sent via text message. You will receive a confirmation text message.

2. *143#: Dial *143# on your Globe SIM and press the call button. Then choose ‘GoSAKTO90’ or ‘GoSAKTO’ » ‘Popular Promos’ » ‘GoSAKTO90.

Enter the assigned number on each option in the blank space under the options, then click ‘SEND.’

Additionally to the 2GB open access or regular mobile data that you can use to access all websites/apps and to send unlimited texts to any network, it also includes 1GB per day for GoWATCH&PLAY + GoSHARE&SHOP.

Previously, it offered additional free 2GB GoWATCH & GoPLAY for 7 days, but now it offers 1GB per day for Facebook, Instagram, Watch & Play.

Basically, you get 1GB of data every day to use popular social networking apps, watch videos and play mobile games (on selected apps and sites).

Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival, Marvel Super War, Arena of Valor,Clash of Clans (COC), Free Fire, PUBG, and Call of Duty are also available.

Is it available to everyone?
Globe GoSAKTO offers like GOTSCOMBODD90 are exclusively available to Globe Prepaid customers and are not available to TM customers.

How is GOTSCOMBODD90 doing?
SMS GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080 for free. Check your inbox for the text message.

You will be able to view the remaining mobile data and expiration dates for each inclusion of your GoSAKTO subscription in one 24-hour period.

How do I stop receiving GOTSCOMBODD90?
Unsubscribing from this GoSAKTO promotion can be done in three ways:

1. Send GOSAKTO STOP to 8080. Check your text message for confirmation.

2. You can speak to Globe Telecom’s customer service with your concern and phone number on their official Facebook, Twitter, and FB pages.

3. If you have a Globe SIM in your mobile phone, call 211 to contact them. The minimum amount is *7.50; no deduction will occur.

What is the best way to extend GOTSCOMBODD90?
Globe GOTSCOMBODD90/GOSAKTO90 subscriptions can be extended in three ways:

1. Before the registration expires (the day or one hour before it expires), reload 90 and register with the same promo. The remaining mobile data will be added to your new subscription.

These two options only extend the duration/expiration of open access or regular mobile data inclusion. Texts and free 1GB per day FB, IG, Watch & Play are not included.

2. You can extend the mobile data’s expiration by at least 15 days by reloading *34 and texting GOSURFBE34 to 8080.

3. The mobile data’s expiration can be extended to 30 days by reloading at least *121 and texting GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080.

After sending the keyword/code, wait for the confirmation text message and then text the words GOSAKTO STATUS or DATA BAL to 8080 to confirm the date and time expiration.

How do I add data to GOTSCOMBODD90?
To add the extra data or MBs to your GOTSCOMBODD90 or GOSAKTO90 subscription, you can register to this GoSAKTO 1GB mobile data promo known as GOTSCOMBOKEA37.

Reload your Globe Prepaid number with at least ₱37 and send the text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080. This promotion does not include call or text add-ons.

The Globe GOTSCOMBOKEA37 can be used alone or as a data addition to GoSAKTO offers.