GoUNLI350 – The Ultimate Globe Unli Call Promo 2022

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About Globe GoUNLI350

The Globe Call and Text Promos such as the GoUNLI350 provides many mobile users continuous communication for personal and business uses. The unlimited call and text promo have become a standard feature for most packages of mobile network services, and the great thing about the GoUNLI350 is that it comes with added perks and features. 

Globe’s GoUNLI350 is a value package for Globe Subscribers who are looking for mobile network promo for unlimited calls and unlimited text for 30 days.

This call and text promo allows its users to enjoy non-stop service for the whole month without worrying any interruption to your service for 1 month. It is one of the cheaper options for Globe and TM subscribers. Calls are unlimited to Globe, and TM subscribers and Text are unlimited to all networks so you won’t lose communication regardless of the network. 

Another great inclusion to this Globe Unlimited Call and Text Promo is that you will get 200MB mobile internet data in addition to your unlimited calls and texts. Now, you won’t need to pay additional charges for your internet connection. 

This promo is for Globe subscribers who have normal internet usage. With 200MB, you have uninterrupted checking of emails and social media accounts such as checking Facebook post feeds and Instagram Posts. GoUnli350 also allows you so watch YouTube videos or play mobile games such as Mobile Legends or Clash of Clans. Although, remember that internet data will disconnect once data allotted is consumed. 

Why is GoUNLI350 a value promo? 

At 350 Pesos you spend around 11.67 Pesos versus registering to another Globe promo say GoUNLI20 that offers similar inclusions at a price of 20pesos but only has a validity of 1 day. That means you save half of the amount instead when choosing GoUNLI350, which is uninterrupted service for 30 days. 

GoUNLI350 – Globe Unlimited Call and Text Promo for 1 Month

GoUNLI350 offers users a value package for subscribers’ call and text needs while including internet data and Free Facebook access. See the summary below:

Promo CodePromo DetailsHow to RegisterValid ForPrice
GOUNLI350200MB internet data + Free Facebook
Unlimited calls to Globe and TM
Unlimited texts to ALL NETWORKS
Text GOUNLI350 to 808030 days350

What are the steps to Register GoUNLI350?

Before making a call a text or call make sure you register your Globe Unlimited Call and Text Promo. Choose your options below: 

  • Key in your Globe Promo Name GOUNLI350 and simply send it to 8080 and wait for instructions
  • Or, dial *142# on your keypad. An option’s menu will appear on your mobile screen, find and navigate the option Combo Promos, next select GoUNLI, then choose GoUNLI350 and finally subscribe. 

You can text GOUNLISTOP to 8080 if you decide to no longer avail of the service. Remember that the validity of the service is for 30 days. 

How to make a call using GoUNLI350 ?

The free unlimited calls offered by the Globe promo is only for Globe or TM users, but text messaging to other networks are completely free. Just input the 11 digit number of the Globe or TM user you want to call as simple as that. You don’t need to enter any code. 

 How to check your status or balance? 

To make sure you have enough load for an interrupted subscription text 8080 with the keywords GOUNLI350 STATUS

Other promos similar to GOUNLI350: 

For a month of Globe unlimited call and text, you can try GlobeSakto. Create your own prepaid plan by dialling *143# using your mobile phone, then select GoSAKTO then Create a Promo then choose the promo you want. 

Remember though that by customizing your own Globe promo package with inclusions such as unlimited call or text, you might have higher charging fees compared to the fixed unli promos offered. 

Those were the details of GOUNLI350, the Globe unlimited call and text promo for 1 month or 30 days. Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

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For postpaid users, you can click here. Postpaid Globe subscribers can choose a SIM-only plan (ThePLAN PLUS) or a plan with a device (ThePLAN) that will cover all your call, text and internet data requirements.