How to Pasaload Globe: How to Share a Load in Globe Easy Guide in 2022

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Want to learn how to pasaload Globe? Read on and quick learn how to share a load in Globe.

Globe telecom offers Share-a-Load services, also known as Globe Pasaload, for all Globe and TM prepaid or postpaid subscribers. This allows the subscribers to transfer or receive load directly from another mobile number.

Let’s say you got stuck at a place where loading stations are not available. With Globe Share-a-Load, a friend, a family, or any random stranger could easily send load to your mobile number. In my case, I’m just too lazy to go out of the house to buy load. Pasaload is rather convenient for me. So moving on, this article will discuss how to Pasaload Globe and TM.

Before you go thru sharing load to your loved ones, here are some things to take note before using the facility.

Quick Tips on How to Pasaload Globe

  • Every Share-a-Load transaction charges P1.00 to the sending party. So make sure you have at least one peso balance on top of the amount you are going to send.
  • There is a limit to the total amount that a mobile number can send. For prepaid subscribers, the biggest denomination you can transfer is P150. As for postpaid, you can transfer as much as P300 in one transaction. 
  • Prepaid subscribers can only transfer for a maximum of 5 transactions a day, maximum of P150 per transaction while postpaid subscribers have a transfer limit of P500 per day. 
  • Validity of the transferred load also varies depending on the value sent. Every Share-a-Load transaction charges P1.00 to the sending party. So make sure you have at least one peso balance on top of the amount you are going to send.
  • There is a limit to the total amount that a mobile number can send. For prepaid subscribers, the biggest denomination you can transfer is P150. As for postpaid, you can transfer as much as P300 in one transaction. 
AmountFree Text Validity
P 1 – 10 03 days
P 11 – 50 015 days
P 51 – 100 030 days
P 101 – 150 045 days
P 300 (postpaid only) 075 days
P 500 (currently unavailable)* 0120 days

*P500 denomination is currently disabled to protect the subscribers from Pasaload scammers. Up to now, there are still people who introduce themselves as part of certain organization like PCSO, NGOs and other aid giving bodies. They would convince the recipient that he/she won a huge sum of money. And to claim that money, he/she should send “500” to 2917xxxxxxxxx. Many subscribers reply to this messages. Due to this instances, Globe Telecom disabled the 500 denomination to lessen the losses that the subscribers incur when they fell through this trap. Furthermore, the purpose of the verification message is also to avoid scammers by informing the sender that he/she is about to send load to the other party.

  • You’ll receive a validation message for every Pasaload transaction. A number starting with prefix 2652xxxxxx will ask you to reply YES to confirm Pasaload transaction. This reply message is free of charge. Make sure to reply within the span of 5 minutes so your transaction won’t be cancelled.

How to Share-a-Load in Globe or TM?

There are three ways to send load to Globe and TM subscribers. First via text message, either with PIN or without PIN. Second is thru the USSD code. And lastly, via SIM menu.

Share-a-Load via text message

Pasaload without PIN

The easiest way to share a load is via text message without PIN. Simply message the amount you want to share then send to 2+ 10 digit mobile number of receiver. Basically just replace the prefix 0 to 2.

Sample text format: text 20 send to 29271111111

Pasaload with PIN

Globe Telecom allows you to nominate a PIN code to safeguard your account from unauthorized transfers. To register for a PIN, text REG <4-character PIN> <4 to 10-character PIN clue> send to 2916. You will be charged P1 for this message.
*PIN and MPIN clue are not case sensitive.

Sample text format: text REG 0105 birthday send to 2916

In case you forgot your nominated pin, you can recover your code by texting GET to 2916. This transaction will be charged P1.
Sample text format: Text GET birthday send to 2916

Texting an incorrect MPIN clue for three times would block your mobile number from Pasaload facility. You may, however, reset your PIN by dialing Globe USSD code *143# then choose Share-a-Load promo then reset PIN. You will have to submit another PIN to continue sharing. Resetting will just take a few minutes to process.

Share-a-load via USSD code

Access the Globe and TM USSD code feature by dialing *143#, go to My Account then choose Share-a-Load/Promo/MB, after which you will be given Share-a-Load options.

You have an option for sharing a load with PIN or without PIN. If sharing without PIN, you will be asked for the amount you’re going to transfer and then the 10 digit mobile number (just remove the prefix 0). As for with PIN transactions, the system will prompt for your PIN code before pushing through the same process stated for without PIN transactions.

Steps on How to Share-a-load via USSD code

  1. Dial USSD code *143#


  2. Press 2 MyAccount.


  3. Press 4 Share-a-Load/Promo/MB


  4. Choose if you want to send with or without PIN.


  5. Press 1 to Share-a-Load without PIN.

    – Enter the amount.
    – Enter 10-digit mobile number.

  6. Press 2 to Share-a-Load with PIN.

    – Enter PIN.
    – Enter Amount.
    – Enter 10-digit mobile number.

Share-a-Load via SIM menu

Globe or TM SIM menu is usually the SIM card icon on your apps named SIM toolkit.

  • Simply click the app then open the Share-a-Load menu.

For old SIM cards, Share-a-Load menu could be find PrepaidSvcs > CallTextSvcs.

To Share-a-Load, Choose Share Load > Input the mobile number of recipient > Enter the amount > OK.

But this option to share via SIM menu takes a bit of time as compared to the first two options presented. So this is rarely used anymore. 

That basically sums up the procedure to Share-a-Load. But did you know that you can also Share-a-Promo and ShareMB and Share rewards points to other Globe or TM subscribers? Most of you who tried the USSD code could have seen the options to transfer Promo and MB. The process is basically the same for transferring load. You can use either text message or the USSD code.

How to share promos and data in Globe or TM?

To transfer promo via text, simply type the promo code then send to 2+ 10 digit mobile number. 

Sample text format: Text GOSURF50 to 2917xxxxxxx

Here is the list of available promos for sharing.

Transfer from Globe to Globe subscribers


Transfer from Globe to TM subscribers


Transfer from TM to TM subscribers


To transfer promo via USSD code

  • Dial *143# than follow the instructions below. 
  • Press 2 My Account.
    • Share Promo w/o PIN or Share Promo w/PIN or Share MBs (GS SHARE) *
  • Send to Globe Prepaid Number or
  • Send to TM number or
  • Send to Tattoo Number or
  • Send to Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi Number or
  • Send to Globe myBusiness Prepaid Internet number
  1. Choose a promo. The dialog box will show the details of the promo
  2. Send
  3. Enter PIN code (for share-a-load with PIN)
  4. Enter 10 digit mobile number
  5. OK

*For share MBs, only 10 to 30MB can be shared. P5 will be charged for every transaction. 

More over, you can also share rewards points that you can us to avail Globe promos.

How to share Globe rewards?

For without PIN transactions, text SHARE <10 digit mobile number> <number of points you want to share> send to 4438

If account is registered with activated PIN code, text SHARE <10 digit mobile number> <number of points you want to share> <nominated PIN code> then send to 4438

This transaction will cost P1.

You can also share rewards thru USSD code. Just dial *143# then choose Rewards. You have to check the balance available before you can share rewards. So choose check balance. Go back to the previous menu then go to Gift Rewards. A menu prompting the mobile number will pop up followed by the amount and PIN code if needed. 

Sharing a load is made easy by Globe Telecom. But if in case no one near you can share a load, you can use Globe ask a load services to send a message to anyone. You can borrow a load through Emergency Text Service (GTSOS) and Loan Load/Utang Load. You can use this load to send a message to a family or friend and ask for a pasaload.  

For further assistance, you can easily contact Globe thru numerous channels for their Help and Support team. You can message them thru messenger “Talk to Gie”, or tweet them with @talk2Globe. And of course you can always rely on their USSD code for full customer support options.

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