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About Globe Supersurf

Globe SupeSurf Promos is a promo package that allows you to do all surfing activities which is both available for Postpaid customers as well as Prepaid customers. Tattoo broadband, (pocket Wifi) and Republika ng TM users can also avail the unlimited internet connection.

This Globe internet promo allows you a wide range of browsing activities from your business needs to gaming and entertainment usage that requires a secure and stable internet connection. 

You can now have continuous surfing only does it allow communication through you social media accounts. It also provides uninterrupted easy access to information, images and products. Thankfully Globe Telecommunications has its Globe SuperSurf Promo which allows its subscribers with unlimited internet subscription throughout the day. 

You can access images and videos, download files, send emails and messages through mobile applications and internet platforms. Though, all of these internet activities can be used to take in mind as not to watch heaving video streaming as it can attribute to excessive use of your bandwidth. 

Like any other mobile network promos in the Philippines, Globe SurperSurf Prom has a limited data usage which is called data capping. The reason why all telecommunication companies allow limits to their data usage is it will regulate and prevent the influx and traffic that can cut out a large part of the network bandwidth. This regulation of data is in line with Globe Telecommunications’ Fair Use Policy. 

Data capping also called the bandwidth cap is a network-provided limit which is set to specified limit level of data over a given time frame corresponding to a specified fee. An example of data capping is when a subscriber avails the said Globe Promo he can have unlimited surfing, doing any type of activity on the internet. Then, once the user reached its data cap say, 800 MB (for Prepaid customers) or 1GB (for Prepaid customers), the subscriber will have a slower internet connection. Resumption of the average speed will continue and refresh the next day.  

Similarly to any product or service consuming too much than needed can hurt its availability to other consumers. There are internet users who use a lot of data wherein they download l a lot of massive files or stream a lot of videos. So for more regulated use of the internet, data capping is intended to cut off any vast traffic in the bandwidth system. 

Knowing this information allows subscribers to understand their needs and avail the right denomination for their internet usage. Globe SuperSurf Promo is flexible in providing that amount of data needed to cover your specified time period. There will be days wherein you won’t need a lot of data such as when browsing through Facebook or Twitter, although there will be instances wherein you will need a reliable internet connection when you have telecommunication with a client. 

Complete List of Globe Supersurf Promo 2021

Promo CodePromo DetailsHow to RegisterValid ForPrice
SUPERSURF 50800 mb daily for 1 dayText SUPERSURF50 to 80801 day50
SUPERSURF 120800 mb daily for 5 daysText SUPERSURF120 to 80805 days120
SUPERSURF 200800 mb daily for 7 daysText SUPERSURF200 to 80807 days200
SUPERSURF 500800 mb daily for 30 daysText SUPERSURF500 to 808030 days500

Internet Activities you can do with 800MB SUPERSURF SUBSCRIPTION

Your budget-friendly 800MB Globe SuperSurf Promo has a lot in store for you. You may think that 800MB data cap per day isn’t enough for your surfing needs, think again, the following are internet activities you can do: 

  • You can send 22,400 emails without images
  • Browse through 2,720 web pages
  • Download 200 songs
  • Download 90-minute worth of videos
  • Publish1,600 social media posts
  • Stream online 272 minutes of videos

Looking at these great perks from Globe’s SuperSurf promo can be just one of the best options for subscribers to avail when it comes down to internet usage.  

Check your Subscription Status

To check your data usage every now and then, just type SUPERSURF STATUS to 8080. 

Speed up your subscription through SuperSurf Speed Refresh. 

You can increase the speed your SuperSurf subscription once you experience slow speed due to the capping by Globe’s limited data usage by using SuperSurf Speed Refresh. See here for more details. 

How to Stop Subscription 

If you decide that this unlimited internet subscription doesn’t work for you, then you can stop your usage anytime. For your Globe SuperSurf just type SUPERSURF STOP to 8080.

For subscribers who use heavy data usage then, you can avail Globe Telecom’s unlimited internet package such as GoSURF, GoSAKTO or search the web for GoSAKTO Combo Promo Hacks. 

So that is it for your Globe SuperSurf Promos. This source will help you understand the Globe internet data promo and other related information about your unlimited internet connection options.

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