How can I buy ML diamonds through GCash?

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So, you want to know How can I buy ML diamonds through GCash?

Open your Gcash App and tap on the View All Gcash Services. Find the Shop Lifestyle option. Put the phone number where you want to receive the PIN. Tap on the Game Credits, and choose the 100 Mobile Legends PINs. Pay using your GCash balance.

How do you buy diamonds in ML?

Enter your MLBB user ID and Zone ID. Select the value of Diamonds you wish to purchase. Complete the transaction and the diamonds will be instantly delivered to your Mobile Legends account.

How do I top-up ml using Globe load?

To pay using your Globe Prepaid load, head on over to Google Play’s settings, click ‚ÄúAdd Payment Method‚Äù and enable Carrier Billing. Now you’re all set for your next battle. With all the gaming conveniences made possible by Globe, go ahead and purchase that new skin, and get all the ML diamonds you need or want.

How do I use my GCash voucher on Mobile Legends?

The GLife option is located in the main menu. Tap on the plus sign in the favourites section. A+ Rewards Contains free redeem codes for Mobile Legends and other Apps. Tapping on Copy and Redeem will direct you to the official MLBB website.

How can I buy ML diamonds through GCash Related Questions

Can I buy ML diamonds using Globe load?

Enjoy collecting 4X P POINTS Rewards when you top-up your Mobile Legends Diamonds on Wallet Codes with any flexible payment method like prepaid load (Globe or Smart load), e-wallets (GCash, GrabPay, and, and online banking (BDO, BPI, or Metrobank).

How much is 1000 diamonds ML?

1000 diamonds (get 155 bonus) – $19.99 (£19.99)

How much is 1 diamond in ML in peso?

1 Diamond is 206.780178 Philippine Peso.

What website can I buy diamonds in ML?

Enhance your gaming experience by topping up Diamonds at Most Favorable Price only on JollyMax!

What app can give diamonds in ML?

The first diamond ML application is WeSing which is suitable for those of you who like karaoke. In this app you can sing and get money which can later be made to top up diamonds in Mobile Legends.

How do you recharge to ML?

To top up diamonds, players simply need to enter their Mobile Legends User ID and Zone ID, select the value of the top-up they wish to purchase, and complete the payment using a variety of options such as PayPal, credit card, online banking, e-wallets, 7-eleven and many more.

How do I top up my mobile legends online?

Select the Diamond denomination. Enter your ML User ID and Zone ID. Check out and select your payment method. Once payment is made, the ML Diamond you purchased will be credited to your MLBB Account shortly.

How to load prepaid Globe from GCash?

Open the GCash app and enter your PIN. Select Buy Load and enter your 11-digit prepaid Wi-Fi number. Select Broadband to view the Prepaid Wi-Fi promos available. Select your desired promo and press the Confirm button to start browsing.

How can I claim my free 500 from GCash?

STEP 2: Tap A+ Rewards. STEP 3: Tap Free. STEP 4: Tap CLAIM on the vouchers you want to claim. Note: Please make sure to read all terms and conditions of the voucher before using.

Where to buy ml dias using load?

Make sure you have a load balance on your mobile phone. After confirming that you have a load balance, head to the game’s recharge center by tapping on the diamonds in the main lobby. Select the amount of ML diamonds or bundles that you want to purchase.

How do you convert money to diamonds in Mobile Legends?

These BB Coins will be sent to the streamer via in-game mail after the livestream. Players can then convert 5 BB coins to 1 Diamond. The number of BB Coins you can earn in each match can be a bit small, but once you have gained a lot of followers, you’ll start earning more BB Coins to convert into diamonds.

How much is Mobile Legend Diamond?

The cheapest Mobile Legends Diamonds price in Philippines is ₱ 110.00 from Lazada. You can also choose between different Mobile Legends Diamonds variants with 6042 starting from ₱ 4,750.00 and 2398 at ₱ 1,900.00. Mobile Legends Diamonds price details are updated May 2023.

How much is 10k diamonds ml in PHP?

10000 Diamond is 2044576 Philippine Peso.

How much money is 10,000 diamonds?

How much are 10,000 diamonds worth on TikTok? If you receive 10,000 diamonds during a TikTok Livestream, then you can redeem those diamonds for $50. However, if you receive 10,000 diamonds on a standard TikTok video, then you can redeem those diamonds for $100.

How do I redeem a ML code?

Load up the game and head over to ‘Settings’. Select the Mobile Legends code exchange page. You’ll need to be logged into your account to redeem Mobile Legends codes and know your account ID. Now head to the Mobile Legends website and visit the corresponding Code Exchange page.

How to recharge diamonds in ml Philippines?

Select the Diamond denomination. Enter your ML User ID and Zone ID. Check out and select your payment method. Once payment is made, the ML Diamond you purchased will be credited to your MLBB Account shortly.

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