How can I install SMART Bro at home?

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So, you want to know How can I install SMART Bro at home?

On your Smart Mobile Phone, text: RELOAD(space)14-digit PIN(space)Smart Number and send to 1510. You will receive an SMS from SMART on your Smart LTE Pocket WiFi mobile number confirming load receipt.

How can I connect SMART Bro to WiFi?

Look for the SSID or network name on the back of your Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi. Once you’ve found it, open up your wi-fi settings on your phone or laptop and connect to that network (if your device asks for a password, enter smartbro). Once connected, open your browser on that device and go to the Smart website.

How do I use my SMART bro SIM on my phone?

To activate your Smart Bro Rocket SIM, simply turn on the data of the device where the SIM is inserted. The Unlimited Data inclusion will automatically work once the SIM activated.

How do I activate my SMART home WiFi SIM?

Hi, Ryza. For SIM cards used for Smart Broadband, Home WiFi or Pocket Wifi devices, you may register your SIM through this link: Please note that OTP will be requested upon registration, to access the inbox of your broadband or WiFi device, first connect to the device and go to 192.168.

How can I install SMART Bro at home Related Questions

Can I use regular SIM for SMART Bro WiFi?

Yes, the Smart Bro Rocket SIM is compatible with any SIM-enabled device as long as it’s not locked with another network.

What is SMART Bro IP address?

May 18, 2022. You can easily change your pocket or home WiFi username and password through the Smart Bro Device Settings Dashboard. Just follow these steps: Connect your gadget to the WiFi signal of your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi or Smart Bro Home WiFi or PLDT Prepaid Home WiFi. Type on your web browser …

How do I connect my SMART device to the Internet?

Find your device’s wireless settings menu and select “Enable” or “On” to turn WiFi on. Select your network (SSID) from the list, then enter the network key/passphrase when prompted and select “Connect” or “Join.”

How do I connect my SMART thermostat to the Internet?

Press the thermostat ring to bring up the Quick View menu. Select Settings . Turn the ring and Select Network. Select the new Wi-Fi network name and enter the new password. It may take a few moments for your network to appear.

How do I connect my Smart Life device to the Internet?

Method 2: Instructions for pairing with Smart Life/Tuya app Select “AP Mode” under “Net Pairing Mode”. Check that the light is flashing slowly and then follow the instructions in the app. Enter your WIFI credentials to connect to your home network. Please note that you need to pair each device one at a time.

How do I setup my SMART SIM card?

TURN ON YOUR MOBILE DATA – Insert your sim card to the phone and open your mobile data. In this way, smart will detect that you connected to the mobile network and will activate your new sim card.

How do I connect my SIM card to my phone?

Find your SIM card. Open the SIM tray on your device. The location of your SIM tray may differ from device to device. Place your SIM card into the SIM tray. Put the SIM tray back into your device.

How do I register my SMART bro SIM card?

Option 1: Register using a mobile phone Insert the Smart Bro postpaid SIM into any mobile phone and text YES to 5858.

How can I connect my SIM card to WiFi?

When the SIM card subscription is active, simply insert the SIM card into the router and connect to its network from the device you want.

How do I setup a prepaid home WiFi?

Connect the power adapter to the modem. Connect to the network that matches the SSID and password at the back of the device. Download the GlobeOne app to manage your account. Change WiFi Name and Password. ENJOY YOUR FREE 50 GB. CHECK CONNECTED DEVICES AND SET LIMITS.

Do I need to register my SMART bro SIM card?

Republic Act No. 11934 mandates all SIM users, both existing and new, to register their SIMs with their current telcos.

Can I use prepaid SIM on SMART Bro?

The Service is designed to work only if the Subscriber is using the following: a dual-band or higher mobile WiFi device; for 5G network, a 5G-enabled WiFi device; a Prepaid SIM or a Rocket SIM; and. airtime value loaded into Subscriber’s account.

What is the difference between SMART bro SIM and regular SIM?

The difference is that the Smart Bro Fam SIM is solely for Smart Bro Home Prepaid WiFi while the regular Smart Prepaid SIM is for the handset and any SIM-capable device.

How do I find my 192.168 1.1 username and password?

The default IP address is, and the default login username and password both are admin (all lower case).

How do I change my 192.168 1.1 password?

Go to SSID Name. Type your preferred WiFi name in the box provided. Click Apply Changes and Save.

Why is my device not connecting to the internet?

Restart your device. If restarting doesn’t work, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data: Open your Settings app and tap Network & internet or Connections. Depending on your device, these options may be different. Turn Wi-Fi off and mobile data on, and check if there’s a difference.

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