How can I register in iWant TV?

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So, you want to know How can I register in iWant TV?

Click on “Log in” located at the upper right corner of the iWantTFC Home Page. Click “Create an Account” and then you will be redirected to Sign up page. Enter your active email address you wish to register to iWantTFC.

Is iWant account free?

Can I access iWantTFC for free? Yes. Just go to iWantTFC website or download the mobile app and register for free.

Does iWant TV have payment?

On our website, we accept major credit cards: MasterCard Visa Discover JCB AMEX For subscribers who have been on auto renewal from… How do I pay using credit card/debit card? 1. Log in to your iWantTFC account with your registered email address, Facebook account or your mobile number.

How do I activate TFC on my smart TV?

Press HOME button on your Samsung remote control to access Smart Hub. Use the directional pad on your remote to navigate and select APPS. Once APPS is clicked, you will be redirected to the APPS page. Select iWantTFC App to download and install on your TV.

How can I register in iWant TV Related Questions

Can I use iWantTFC for free?

Watch anytime, anywhere, and on any device – use iWantTFC on your mobile, tablet, computer, and TV. Fuss-free access – Just open the iWantTFC app and start watching. Upon expiration and non-renewal of a paid subscription plan, users would be limited to content and features available on the free tier.

How much is iWantTFC monthly?

iWantTFC launches new Standard Plan today, giving monthly subscribers an all-you-can-watch option for just USD4. 99 in Canada, Asia, Europe and Middle East.

How much is iWantTFC premium?

You may choose from the following subscription options: Daily (P15/day) Weekly (P60/week) Monthly (P120/month)

Can I watch iWantTFC on TV?

iWantTFC works best with the following LG Smart TV model groups; 2022 TV models(webOS 22), 2021 TV models(webOS 6.0), 2020 TV models(webOS 5.0), 2019 TV mod… In which countries is the iWantTFC App available on LG Smart TV? Available globally except in Middle East and Africa.

How can I buy iWantTFC?

Download the iWantTFC app on Google Play. Create or login to your iWantTFC account. Choose Subscribe Now Рvia Play Store as your payment method, and enable “Globe Telecom billing.” Start watching your Pinoy favorites on iWantTFC!

How do I activate iWantTFC?

Step 1: On your IPTV home screen, select “Activate Free TFC Everywhere” tab. Step 2: Your activation code will be on your screen together with the instructions on how to use it and get your FREE iWantTFC access. Step 3: Go to and enter your Activation Code.

How much is TFC TV per month?

Premium subscription costs P119 monthly and gives users ad-free access to its entire catalogue and all platform features, while standard subscription can be availed at P59 and allows users to watch ad-supported content.

How do I activate iWantTFC on Roku?

If you are an existing user, sign in with our registered email ID and password or enter your activation code. To activate/link your iWantTFC account to your Roku device, visit this URL: and enter the code that appears on your Roku app on TV.

How do I watch iWantTFC?

Search “iWantTFC” on the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and then install the app. After installing the app, enter your registered email … Can I access my subscription using different devices? You may watch using various devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, Smart TV, Roku and Telstra apps.

Is TFC available on Roku?

iWantTFC Help Center In the Home Page, search and add TFC under Streaming Channels menu. Once added, TFC app icon will appear on Roku Home menu.

How can I get Filipino channels in the US?

ExpressVPN: The best VPN for Filipino TV. CyberGhost: Best value VPN. Surfshark: Great for streaming. IPVanish: Connect all of your devices simultaneously. PrivateVPN: UnblocksABS-CBN and more.

Is iWant TV and iWantTFC the same?

On September 1, 2020, iWant merged with TFC Online and was soft launched as iWantTFC. The service inherited the worldwide accessibility of the latter service. TFC IPTV and TFC Direct via cable and satellite subscribers have instant online access to iWantTFC with TFC Everywhere (TVE) feature.

How can I get free iWantTFC premium?

Log in to your iWantTFC account at using a web or mobile browser. Click the “Account” button found on the upper right corner of the page (head icon). Click on “Try for 7 days” under Premium Package.

How do I cancel iWantTFC free subscription?

1. Go to your profile after logging in and click “Account”. 2. Click ‚ÄúCancel Plan‚Äù in the Upcoming Payments field.

Is iWantTFC available on other countries?

For customers in Middle East, Africa and Europe (except European Union countries) Print. iWantTFC is an online content distribution service which enables its subscribers and/or users to watch shows, movies, music and other content, or clips or excerpts thereof (the “Content”).

Does iWantTFC have free trial?

7. Your access to the Paid Subscription Plan during the 7-Day Free Trial is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Subscription and/or Use of iWantTFC, and the applicable Privacy Policy.

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