How can I register Viber without phone number?

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So, you want to know How can I register Viber without phone number?

It’s possible to create a Viber account without using your phone number. You’ll need to use a virtual number to access the code that will activate your Viber account. Providers don’t tie virtual numbers to any physical location. Although it’s identified as virtual, it acts like an actual phone number.

How do I activate Viber on another device?

Changing Platforms (Android <> iOS) Step 1: Back up your history on your old phone. Step 2: Activate Viber on your new phone. Step 3: Restore your chat history. Step 4: Restore the Sticker Market and Viber Out purchases.

Why can’t I activate my Viber account?

Receiving an ‘activation failed’ error means that your phone number has been blocked from using Viber. This happens if our anti-spam system recognizes the phone number as a previous source of spam.

How can I verify my Viber account?

Open Viber on your Phone. Tap More (Android) (iOS) Tap Settings. Tap Privacy. Tap 2-step verification. Enter a 6 digit PIN. Tap Next. Enter your PIN again.

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Can I use a fake number for Viber?

You can also get a fake number for Facebook or Viber by buying the number right way from the app, follow these steps: Tab on “Phone Numbers” from the main page of the app. Also, make sure that the number type is either “Special Offers” or “Social Media Numbers”. For more details about buying numbers click here.

Can I activate Viber without SIM card?

Can I use Viber without a SIM card? Viber is totally free, so that means that it doesn’t require a SIM card. But if you don’t have one, then you can only make calls while on WiFi.

Can I use same Viber account on two phones?

You can have ONE primary device and an unlimited number of secondary devices: Phone: Can ONLY be a primary device. Desktop: Can ONLY be a secondary device. Tablet: Can be EITHER a primary or a secondary device.

Can I have two Viber accounts on same device?

Just like Parallel Space, you can also use Clone App – App Clones & Dual App to run two Viber accounts on your phone. Apart from having two Viber accounts on your phone, you can also have another layer of security to keep your chats safe.

Can I use Viber with two phone numbers?

It isn’t possible to merge two Viber accounts if you have two different phone numbers. If you try to change your phone number (A) to another number (B) with an existing Viber account, phone number B’s account will be overridden.

What are the requirements for Viber?

Supported Android devices Device Android phones Android tablets Wear OS devices (smartwatches) Operating system version Android 5.0 and above Supported iOS devices Device iPhone 6s and above iPads 11-inch iPad Pro 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation and above) iPad Air (3rd generation and above) iPad Mini (5th …

How do I verify my phone account?

Tap your profile picture on the PhonePe app home screen. Tap your name in the Profile screen. Tap Verify next to your email address. Enter the 5-digit verification code that is sent to the email address that you’ve added on the app. Tap Confirm.

What is my Viber account number?

Go to the three horizontal lines in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Your Viber number is located under your profile picture and your Viber name.

Can anyone access my Viber account?

Viber is end to end encrypted, which means that messages are only acessible by both the sender and the receiver, not being stored anywhere along the way. This also means that if you lose or change the device you are using, all your messages will be lost.

Can police trace Viber?

Viber’s core features are secured with end-to-end encryption: calls, one-on-one messages, group messages, media sharing and secondary devices. This means that the encryption keys are stored only on the clients themselves and no one, not even Viber itself, has access to them. The FBI notes: No message content.

How to get fake number for verification?

Hushed is the best option for getting a fake phone number quickly and easily. Hushed does not even require any verification information, so you don’t input your real phone number at any time. It’s also a privacy-focused app, so no personally-identifying information is collected from you.

Does everyone see my phone number when I use Viber?

Other members can’t see your phone number. Admins can use an alias to protect their identity. Admins can ban members that don’t obey the rules or are deemed dangerous.

How can I get a free virtual number?

Select a number. Select a “Free for website” number in a country of choice in Sonetel sign up. Sign up. Sign up for a free account. Add free chat to your website.

How can I get Viber activation code by email?

Open the more screen. Tap on Get free stickers. Open the connect email screen. Fill in your email address. Create and confirm your password. You will receive a confirmation message from Viber with the link to your sticker pack. Tap on the link, download it, and get sending.

What happens when it says no SIM card?

Why Does My Phone Say No SIM Card? The reason why your phone show no SIM card error is that your phone is unable to properly read the contents of your SIM card. This usually happens when your SIM card is not installed properly, it is damaged, or your phone has software problems after a software update.

How much is Viber per month?

Whether you’re calling someone abroad or sending a text message to a colleague in your office, Viber is free for all Viber users. Want to start calling your friends and family for free?

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