How do I block Youtube on my router?

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So, you want to know How do I block Youtube on my router?

Open your browser and enter your router’s IP address. Next, enter your admin username and password to access your router’s settings. Look for menu options containing keywords such as ‘URL Filters’, ‘blocked websites’ and more. Add ‘’ to your list of restricted addresses.

How do I block apps on my WiFi router?

Step 1: Open your web browser and type in the IP address of your router. Step 2: Log in to your router’s settings. Step 3: Find the website blocking tool in your router’s settings. Step 4: Enter the websites that you want to block. Step 5: Save your changes and restart your router.

How do I limit Internet usage on globe?

Step 4: Turn on “Limit mobile data usage” by sliding the switch to the right. This will prevent you from streaming HD videos accidentally when not on Wi-Fi. Step 2: Then select Settings. Step 3: Under Settings, select General. Step 1: Tap the options button on the upper right.

How do I block Netflix on my Linksys router?

On the Network settings page, switch to Web Content Filtering and under Manage individual domains add the below domain names. Make sure to keep the Always block option under dropdown. Here are the domain names that you need to add into block list:

How do I block Youtube on my router Related Questions

How do I restrict access to YouTube?

Select “Settings” and then “General.” Then you can turn on the “Restricted Mode” filtering. For Android user, access your YouTube/Google account. Select “Settings” from the “three-dot” icon. Scoll down to find “General” and then enable “Restricted Mode.”

Can certain apps be blocked on Wi-Fi?

In the Android Mobile network settings, tap on Data usage. Next, tap on Network access. Now you see a list of all your installed apps and checkmarks for their access to mobile data and Wi-Fi. To block an app from accessing the internet, uncheck both boxes next to its name.

How do I block YouTube without blocking Google?

Install Blocksite (free Chrome Extension) and add in the blocked site list. Add a password to Blocksite so the kids cannot unblock YT. You need to type in your password to remove YT from the list of Blocked sites when they earn the privilege of screen time.

What IP address does YouTube app use?

The API / 172.217. 22.68.

How do I restrict network usage?

Select Settings > Network & internet. In the network connection status at the top for the network you’re connected to, select Data usage. To enter a data limit for that network, select Enter limit, choose the Limit type you have for your data plan, enter other limit info, and then select Save.

Can I control the devices connected to my Wi-Fi?

Use the access control feature to block devices from connecting to your router’s Internet connection. To set up access control: Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your router’s network. Enter or

Is there a limit to my Internet usage?

Most internet providers give their customers 1 TB of data to use per month. But some plans come with much less data than that, so watch out in case you use too much data. Be especially mindful of your data usage with satellite internet, fixed wireless internet, and cell phones.

How do I block all streaming videos on my router?

On a Netgear router, go to Advanced > Security > Block Sites. If you have a TP-Link router, look for Access Control and select Host to block websites. On most Arris routers, you’ll need to go to Firewall > Access Control. Some routers have built-in parental controls that make it easy to block websites.

Why does my WiFi block certain sites?

However, the most important reason why any network may block sites on the web is to protect the network – and the users who connect to it – from malware, ransomware and phishing.

Can Netflix be blocked on WiFi?

Unfortunately, many workplaces, schools, universities and colleges block Netflix on their WiFi networks. In fact, because Netflix is such a bandwidth hog, even public WiFi hotspots are beginning to restrict access to Netflix.

How can I block YouTube on my phone?

Open Google Play Store application on your device and tap menu in the left corner. Select Settings from left panel. Select Parental Controls then turn Parental Controls on! Checking Parental User Controls in Google Play Store.

How do I block YouTube for kids?

Go to the channel page for the YouTube channel you want to block. Tap More . Tap Block channel for kids. A pop-up may surface alerting you that similar videos may still be available on other channels. Tap BLOCK next to the child you’d like to block this channel for.

Can I block YouTube on my TV?

Open your Smart TV and click on the ‘screen’ tab. On the main menu, click on the settings icon, available in the top right corner. Now, on the settings page, locate options that allow you to lock certain applications. Select YouTube. After that, set a passcode, and you’re done.

What is the IP address for YouTube restricted mode?

Configuring Restricted YouTube DNS Note that for the following steps, you will either have to use the IP address 216.239. 38.119 for the restrictmoderate filter or 216.239. 38.120

Why YouTube is not working on WiFi?

Turn off your mobile data connection and then turn it on again. Clear the YouTube app’s cache. Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app. Update to the newest available version of the YouTube app.

Can certain apps be blocked?

You can restrict access to apps on Android by using app blockers like AirDroid Parental Control. In addition, there are other third-party apps online that you can get or use for Digital Wellbeing services. These options will help you block your app or set a limit.

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