How do I call Shakeys hotline?

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So, you want to know How do I call Shakeys hotline?

Order your Shakey’s favorite through 7777-7777 for Metro Manila. You may still order via Facebook Messenger, visit, use the Shakey’s Super App or #77-777 toll-free for Globe & TM.

How do I call Shakeys delivery from my landline?

call #77-777 toll-free for Globe & TM. hours. You may also order online at

Is #77777 toll free?

Our #77-777 is a toll free number available for Globe and TM subscribers. Please send here your name and contact number for us to further assist you with your orders.

How do I use my SuperCard Shakeys delivery?

Can guests order the SuperCard for delivery? Shakey’s guests can add the SuperCard to their cart when ordering via website www. Shakey’ or the Shakey’s SuperApp. The SuperCard can also be ordered via hotline 7777-7777 or #77-777 for Globe and TM subscribers.

How do I call Shakeys hotline Related Questions

How do I call Shakeys Globe?

Call the delivery hotline number 7777-7777 or #77-777 toll-free for Globe & TM.

How to claim free Shakey’s pizza?

How do I claim my birthday pizza? a. Just visit any Shakey’s store and present your SuperCard.

Can I call from landline to cellphone?

How to forward calls from a landline to your cell phone. To forward calls from your landline to your cell phone, follow these steps: Lift the receiver of your landline phone and dial *72 after you hear the dial tone. Dial the 10-digit phone number you’d like to forward these calls to, followed by the # sign.

What payment option for Shakey’s delivery?

Q: How do I pay for my order? A: You can pay online thru Paypal, debit card or credit card. Q: Can I pay thru my credit card? A: You can pay online thru Paypal, debit card, or credit card.

How can I call from landline?

Dial the area code for domestic calls, or the country code (and the city code, if required) for an international call. Dial the telephone number. For international calls, when you hear a “stutter” dial tone (two short tones followed by a long tone), dial your Authorization Code.

Does Shakey’s have service charge?

Service charge is 10% of your total bill.

How do I connect to a toll-free number?

A toll-free number allows callers to connect with businesses without being charged for the call. In other words, the business incurs the charges for all the calls landing on these numbers. It is generally identified by a dialing prefix number (800, 866, 855, 1-800, etc.)

Can I make my number toll free?

How To Get Toll Free Number In India. In India, the prefix used for a toll-free number is “1800” which is followed by a six or seven-digit number. This call is free if the caller is calling from a mobile phone or landline number and the owner of the toll-free number pays for the call.

When can I claim my Shakeys birthday pizza?

Hi, Monalisa! Please be informed that you may only claim your birthday pizza treat in any stores when you dine -in, within your birth month 7 days before and after your birth date. Thank you. Can i avail the birthday treat.

Can I use credit card in Shakey’s delivery?

What Payment Methods Do They Accept? They accept cash, credit card (VISA, JCB, Mastercard), Debit Card, Asia Pay, and Paypal.

How do I know if my supercard is active?

Check out to verify the status of your card.

What is Globe hotline 888?

The 8888 CCC receives complaints and grievances from the public daily through the 8888 phone hotline. The office, in return, will endorse the concerns and queries of the public to the concerned departments or agencies in the government for immediate action.

How can I call Jollibee from Globe?

Call #87000 Jollibee delivery is just a call away! Call #87000 to order your Jollibee favorites!

What is Globe Gocall?

GOCALLIDD is an IDD promo with the lowest rates to the Middle East at P5 per minute! It also allows you to call Europe for only P5 per minute and North America and Asia Pacific for only P2. 50 per minute.

How to get first pizza for free?

Join Your Favorite Pizza Place’s Rewards & Loyalty Program. Sign Up for Email Newsletters. Scan the Web for Promo Codes. Search for Free and Discounted Gift Cards. Mark Your Calendar for National Pizza Day & Pi Day. Complete a ‚ÄúPizza Challenge‚Äù Try Public Events and Meet-Ups.

How much is the buy 1 take 1 pizza in Shakey’s?

And for the Buy 1 Take 1, exclusively available to SuperCard holders, the price starts at Php 949.00.

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