How do I cash in my GCash 711 CLiQQ kiosk?

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So, you want to know How do I cash in my GCash 711 CLiQQ kiosk?

Step 1: Visit your nearest 7-Eleven Convenience Store branch and proceed to the CLiQQ Kiosk. Step 2: On the touchscreen, tap E-Money and choose GCash. Step 3: Type your GCash registered number. Step 4: Enter the amount. Step 5: Confirm that the GCash number and amount are correct.

How much does CLiQQ charge for GCash cash in?

Cashing in is free in all over-the-counter outlets until you reach a monthly limit of Php 8,000. After reaching this limit, a service fee of 2% will apply each time you cash in.

How to use CLiQQ in 7 11?

How do I use the CLiQQ PAY Wallet to buy items in 7 Eleven? Buying items with your CLiQQ PAY Wallet is simple and convenient. Simply click the Buy in 7-Eleven button, input your wallet PIN (your security), and present the subsequent barcode to the friendly cashier for scanning.

Is GCash accepted in 711?

We accept contactless transactions like GCash and CLiQQ e-wallet. Alfred Perolina and 45 others like this. Do the CLIQQ e-wallet machine accept Trust wallet cashin?

How do I cash in my GCash 711 CLiQQ kiosk Related Questions

How do I deposit money into GCash?

Select GCash Cash-In at the machine. Input your 11-digit GCash mobile number. Enter the desired cash-in amount. Insert the cash payment. Wait for the machine to print out a receipt. Wait for an SMS confirmation of your cash-in transaction.

Where can I deposit money into GCash?

General Cash In Inquiries Upon selecting Cash In on the GCash App, you can see the list of Over-the-Counter outlets like Cebuana Lhuiller, Tambunting, or Puregold. You can also view the Cash In outlets nearest to you by selecting View nearby partners.

Is CLiQQ only in Philippines?

All content is intended solely for the Philippine market.

Is CLiQQ still available?

Earn points and redeem rewards from CLiQQ right inside Facebook Messenger. Just search for CLiQQ within Messenger and tap the Get Started button.

Can you cash in CLiQQ?

It’s so easy! Now that you have funds in your Coins Wallet, you can now buy load, pay bills, send money, buy & sell crypto and more. Kindly note that there is a 2% cash-in fee for 7-Eleven CLiQQ cash ins ranging from 100 PHP to 20,000 PHP.

How do I cash out my 711 CLiQQ?

Go to 7-Eleven, present the barcode and a valid ID to the cashier. Pay the amount due. Receiver will get a notification once it is ready for claiming at the cash-out center. Valid ID is required for claiming.

How do I add money to my CLiQQ account?

(1)Generate Code on the GCash App; (2)Have the cashier scan your code to pay for your items! You may also cash-in your accounts via the CLiQQ App at participating branches,

What are the requirements for CLiQQ?

You need to provide a valid government ID and your personal details. Use your CLiQQ Wallet to buy merchandise at 7-Eleven stores, shop at and more. The loan provider will send instructions via SMS or email on how to pay your loan amount.

How much percentage does 711 charge for GCash?

To properly set your expectations, as of May 17, 2021, 7-Eleven began charging a convenience fee of 1% on all GCash cash in transactions regardless of the amount. Kindly note that this fee is deducted automatically from the amount cashed in to the customer’s GCash wallet.

Does GCash work in the States?

GCash has partnered with several online platforms in the United States, including Remitly, Panda Remit, Skrill, Wise, WorldRemit, and Wirebarely. According to Monito’s comparison engine in 2022 and 2023, Remitly is the single best option for anyone in the United States trying to send money to GCash in the Philippines.

Is GCash only for Globe users?

Yes, All Philippine mobile network users can enjoy all the GCash services, such as Buy Load, Send Money, Pay Bills, and more.

What is the minimum balance in GCash?

GCash users can open a savings or time deposit account with no minimum balance needed.

Can you load GCash with debit card?

Currently, you can only link to GCash the following Mastercard/Visa Debit Cards issued locally by banks: Credit cards, prepaid and/or reloadable cards (including the GCash Mastercard), and debit cards issued internationally cannot be enrolled in the GCash App.

Can I cash in to GCash through Western Union?

Open the GCash app with a fully registered profile and go to Cash-In. Select Western Union. Enter the MTCN shared by your sender, and the estimated amount sent to you. Check and verify that the details you have provided are correct.

What banks can I deposit in 711?

Unionbank. UBX. Maybank. CIMB Bank.

What is CLiQQ wallet?

CLiQQ PAY – 7-Eleven’s mobile wallet for fast, convenient, and cashless payments for in-store and online purchases, bills, and money transfers. CLiQQ Rewards – 7-Eleven’s loyalty rewards program for earning and redeeming points. CLiQQ WiFi – Provides internet access to users at all 7-Eleven stores.

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