How do I deposit money into ShopeePay?

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So, you want to know How do I deposit money into ShopeePay?

To Cash In your ShopeePay with e-Wallet Go to ShopeePay Wallet > Cash In > Payment Center/ e-Wallet > select preferred e-Wallet > enter Cash in value or Input amount> Review the total amount (which includes the 1% or up to 2% admin fee) > Pay Now > verify email address > Pay.

How do I put money on ShopeePay Philippines?

To Cash-In, select your ShopeePay wallet on the homepage > Cash-In > select your preferred payment option > complete payment. Your ShopeePay balance will immediately reflect the Cash-In amount once the payment has been verified.

Is there a fee for using GCash on Shopee?

Starting April 30, Shopee will no longer accept GCredit (pay later), and GGives (pay in gives) as payment options. Starting Feb 13, 2023, orders paid via GCash will be charged with a 2% handling fee upon checkout.

Can you buy top up using ShopeePay?

To top up using a digital payment method like card or online banking⁵: Tap ShopeePay balance and select the option to top up. Choose the way you want to pay. Enter the payment details and amount.

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Is there a Cash-in fee in ShopeePay?

The same 2% transaction fee applies for GCash cash-in via the Shopee app as well, which is double the current 1% transaction fee.

Do I need a bank account for ShopeePay?

You don’t need to add a bank account to use ShopeePay. Adding bank accounts allows you to make bank transfers from ShopeePay.

How much is the limit of ShopeePay in the Philippines?

Terms. ShopeePay lets you Cash In or receive a balance of up to Php 50,000 for unverified accounts, and up to Php 100,000 for verified accounts. You can use ShopeePay to pay for transactions of up to Php 100,000, as long as you have sufficient funds within your account.

Where is top up in ShopeePay?

To top up your ShopeePay balance, select ShopeePay balance on the homepage > Select Top Up > Select your preferred payment option > Click on Confirm and complete payment. If you encounter problems with topping up your ShopeePay balance, it is likely that a payment issue has occurred.

What are the payment methods for Shopee?

Credit / Debit Card. Card payments are processed through third party service providers and supporting cards may vary across markets. ShopeePay. Online Banking. Maybank2u. Cash on Delivery (COD) Cash Payment at Convenience Stores. Installment Plan. SPayLater.

How much does GCash charge per cash?

Cashing in is free in all over-the-counter outlets until you reach a monthly limit of Php 8,000. After reaching this limit, a service fee of 2% will apply each time you cash in.

How much is the minimum load for GCash?

The minimum amount for cash-in orders for almost all of our available cash-in outlets is 15 PHP. Maximum: The maximum cash-in amount within any 24-hour period (i.e. the combined amount of all your cash in orders) depends on your account’s remaining daily cash-in limit.

Can 7-Eleven use ShopeePay?

With over 2240 stores nationwide, 7-Eleven’s extensive network offers buyers the ease of locating a 7-Eleven outlet. You may follow the steps below to reload your ShopeePay using Cash payment at any 7-Eleven. 1. From your ShopeePay page, click Top Up at your Home Screen or ShopeePay at Me tab.

Can ShopeePay be used at 7-Eleven?

Step 1: Visit any 7-Eleven branch near you. Step 2: Tap on Bills Payment (CLiQQ Kiosk) and choose Shopee. Step 3: Enter the reference number, your contact number, and the amount of the order. Step 4: Keep the printed receipt.

What is the minimum balance for ShopeePay?

There is no minimum amount required for each ShopeePay transaction. For the full terms and conditions, you can find them via ShopeePay Settings ‚öô > Our Policy.

What is the penalty of ShopeePay?

3. How do I pay the late fee for SPayLater? A: The penalty for late payments is 2.5% – 5.0% monthly, and it is applied to the outstanding loan amount and interest.

Is ShopeePay free delivery?

Check for the payment methods as well, because Shopee provides free shipping when you use ShopeePay, Shopee’s e-wallet service.

Is it safe to pay via ShopeePay?

Is ShopeePay Safe to Use? Yes, ShopeePay is a secure e-wallet that allows you to pay for your Shopee purchases quickly and easily. You can activate the face ID and fingerprint scan feature for added security.

Can you withdraw money from ShopeePay?

Please ensure that you have added a bank account to your ShopeePay account, then you can proceed with self withdrawal from the Refund sub-wallet by selecting Transfer to Bank > Add / Select bank account > Fill in withdrawal amount > Select Next > Select Confirm > Enter your ShopeePay PIN number.

What ID is needed in ShopeePay?

IDs must have your complete Name, Birthdate, Picture, and ID number – Your ID should have your complete name, date of birth, and your photo for easy identification.

How do I increase my SPayLater credit limit?

Can I apply to increase my available SPayLater limit? You cannot apply to increase your SPayLater limit. Limits on your SPayLater accounts will be reviewed and adjusted (increase or decrease) according to your spending and repayment behavior.

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