How do I link my GCash card to Shopee?

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So, you want to know How do I link my GCash card to Shopee?

Make sure that you have an existing GCash account with a readily available balance before choosing this as your payment method for your order/s. To use GCash as a payment method, select Payment Option > Payment Center/e-Wallet as a payment method > GCash > Confirm > Place Order > Verify your email address > Pay.

How can I use GCash for online shopping?

Go to GLife in GCash dashboard. Select merchants to order from. Make the selections and proceed to checking out or making the payment. Select PAY WITH GCASH button to confirm the payment. You will be redirected back to the order page once payment has been confirmed. You will receive an SMS notification about your payments.

How do I add a pay to Shopee?

For the Taglish version of this article, click here. To activate ShopeePay, select the ShopeePay wallet on the homepage > Set up ShopeePay > enter personal information > create your personal PIN (used for payment authorization) ⚠️Note.

Is it safe to link my card to Shopee?

Rest assured that your credit card information is kept safe and confidential with our service provider. As an alternative, you may want to check our article about “What payment methods are supported by Shopee” for other payment method available in Shopee.

How do I link my GCash card to Shopee Related Questions

How do I link my Shopee account?

Go to the Me tab via Shopee App > Select the ‚öô icon > My Profile > Social Media Accounts > Select LINK beside the social media account of your choice.

Can I use GCash as a payment method?

Pay Online Yes. You can link your GCash account to the App Store to purchase apps and pay for your monthly subscriptions to digital services. Was this article helpful?

Can you link GCash and PayPal?

Note: Only GCash-verified (or KYC’d) customers can link their own PayPal accounts. Both accounts must be owned by the same person.

Can I use GCash card for online payment?

GCash Card works just like any other debit card so long as the merchant is accepting Card. Simply enter the details required when paying online.

What delivery app accepts GCash?

Paying with GCash in Food Delivery Apps (Grabfood, foodpanda, Lalamove)

How can I withdraw money from GCash without Internet?

Inform the cashier that you would like to Cash Out from your GCash wallet. Provide your mobile number and desired Cash Out amount. Present a valid ID. Wait for an SMS confirming your Cash-Out. Reply with the OTP to confirm. Receive the cash from the cashier once you have confirmed.

What payment method does Shopee use?

ShopeePay is a digital wallet within the Shopee App. You can use it to pay for both online and offline purchases once you’ve set up a ShopeePay account and top-up your ShopeePay balance.

What are the other payment method in Shopee?

You can set up your preferred payment methods via Shopee App or Shopee Website. Go to the Me tab > Select ‚öô icon > Banks Accounts/Cards > Select which payment method you would like to add from the options available.

What does Shopee accept for payment?

As a general rule, Shopee only accepts locally issued Visa / Mastercard. Shopee supports a total of 8 payment options: ShopeePay, SPayLater, Cash on Delivery, Payment Center/e-Wallet, Linked Bank Account, Credit/Debit card, Online Banking, and Google Pay (for android users only).

Is it OK to have multiple Shopee accounts?

Can I create multiple shops on Shopee? Yes, but each shop can only be registered under 1 Shopee account. You are encouraged to list all your products in a single shop as listing the same products across different shops is a violation of Shopee’s listing policies.

Do you need an ID for Shopee?

Submit clear images of your identification document and face to help speed up the verification process. If your identification document is damaged, you can submit images of other documents such as your driver’s license. Approval of additional documents is subject to Shopee’s discretion.

What is the purchase limit on Shopee?

Kindly note that the purchase limit per checkout at Shopee is 40 items per checkout. In the event you are attempting to checkout with more than 40 items in your cart, the error message displayed in the image below will be shown.

Is it okay to link bank account to Shopee?

Adding bank accounts allows you to make bank transfers from ShopeePay. Only local bank accounts are accepted. You’ll not be able to add overseas bank accounts. Bank accounts saved under your Shopee account and ShopeePay account are kept separate.

Can I have two Shopee accounts with same number?

The mobile number that you have entered has already been registered to another existing Shopee account. In Shopee, only one phone number is allowed to register under one Shopee account.

Can I Create another Shopee account with same phone number?

A phone number can only be registered under one Shopee account (same for email addresses). You might have already signed up and created a Shopee account before. Do try to recall the password and log in to the existing account.

Can I use GCash as a bank?

The collaboration between CIMB Bank and GCash has given birth to the country’s first-ever bank account that can be opened and maintained straight from the GCash app!

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