How do I load my Autosweep?

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So, you want to know How do I load my Autosweep?

Enter the Plate Number or Card Number connected to your Autosweep RFID account. Choose how you want to pay. Select amount you want to load and complete the transaction. Receive a notification of a successful transaction. Load will be credited instantly!

What is the account number of autosweep RFID?

Where can I find my Autosweep RFID account number? Your account number is the 6 or 7 digit number found at the back of your card, right below the QR code.

Can I transfer my Autosweep RFID to GCash?

üëâ How to Load Autosweep RFID via GCash Open your GCash app. From the dashboard, go to Bills. Select Transportation among the biller categories. Select Autosweep RFID.

How do I load Easytrip and Autosweep?

Go to any ECPay reloading partner. On the screen, select Bills Payment and click Easytrip. Provide your 12-digit Easytrip RFID account number, e.g. 520007777777, mobile number and the reload amount. Verify that all information is correct. Wait for the receipt and pay at the cashier.

How do I load my Autosweep Related Questions

What is the minimum amount for RFID in GCash?

Please note that the minimum amount you can load is PhP 200. And there is a PhP 10 transaction fee for this.

Does AutoSweep RFID have an app?

Easily check your EasyTrip and AutoSweep account balance using the RFID Wallet App.

What is the minimum balance for Autosweep account?

For instance, a bank account may require a minimum balance of Rs. 5000 while the threshold amount can be set at Rs. 35,000.

How do I check my auto sweep RFID balance?

Via SMS (Mobile Text) To check your RFID balance via SMS, here’s what you need to do: Text ‚ÄúAutosweep [space] BALINQ [space] Plate Number (Premium subscribers) or Card Number (To-Go subscribers)‚Äù. For example: AUTOSWEEP BALINQ ABC123. Send to 0917-860-8655 (Globe) or 0918-860-8655 (Smart).

How do I find my RFID account number?

Your 16-digit Easytrip RFID card number is found at the back of your card just below the barcode.

Does Autosweep RFID expire?

4. Does the Autosweep RFID load expire? No. The Autosweep RFID load has no expiration.

How much is the RFID in Autosweep?

Starting November 5, 2021 we’ll be increasing our Autosweep RFID service charge to ‚DZ13.

Where can I get Autosweep installed?

After Calamba Entry Toll Gate. Southwoods Toll Plaza Northbound. Eton Toll Plaza Northbound. Southwoods CSC Northbound. Southwoods CSC Southbound. Ayala Greenfield CSC. Sta. Rosa CSC Northbound. Sta. Rosa Southbound.

How to reload Autosweep RFID via BDO?

Online Banking. Step 1: Click Pay Bills and Reload > Bills Payment > Pay Bills > Pay this Company/Biller > Autosweep RFID. Step 2: Enter payment details. BDO Branch. • Get a copy of BDO Transaction Slip. • Fill out the necessary details. Business Online Banking.

How do I know if my RFID has load?

On the dashboard, tap Add Account to enrol your RFID account. Once you see your RFID account under Enrolled Accounts, tap Balance to see your current load amount.

How much is the retailer fee for GCash?

GCash shall collect a Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) equivalent to 2% of all approved payment transactions made through your QR code.

How much does it cost to install RFID system in the Philippines?

The installation of your RFID sticker in installation sites is free, but you are also required to pay Php 500 for its initial load.

How do I install Autosweep online?

On your mobile phone, head to Follow the instructions that pop up to start your download. Launch the app, then register or sign in with your RFID details. Tap on the balance button.

Can I apply Autosweep online?

Autosweep RFID Online Application For Private Vehicle Before doing anything else, you will need to pre-book an appointment as a motorist. Luckily, now you can register online for Autosweep RFID!

Where do I link Autosweep to Easytrip?

Completely fill out the application form and then print the form as well as a copy of one government-issued I.D. Once that is done, all that is left to do is to bring the vehicle that has the Easytrip RFID sticker to any AutoSweep kiosks and customer service centers.

What is the disadvantage of Autosweep?

Disadvantages of sweep accounts Penalty charges: The chief disadvantage of sweep accounts remains the penalty charged, if any, on the premature withdrawal. In unfortunate cases, you may earn even less than saving bank interest due to the penalty.

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