How do I load my Beep card to GCash?

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So, you want to know How do I load my Beep card to GCash?

Select the beep card that you want to recharge. Select the amount of recharge. Confirm the amount to pay. Select GCash icon from the selection. Enter your GCash account (mobile) number. Input the OTP received. Enter your GCash PIN code. Review and confirm transaction to pay the amount.

Can I load my Beep card online?

How do I load my beep™ card? 1. Log in to BPI Online or BPI Mobile app and go to “Payments/Load.”

How do I reload my beep rides card?

Tap your card in the reader of the Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) found in the 44 stations of the LRT and MRT. Approach any of the teller windows in any of the stations of the LRT and MRT. Approach the designated beep‚Ñ¢ window or the beep‚Ñ¢ booth that offers loading at any of the bus terminals.

How do I load my Ejeep Beep card?

train teller booths and ticket vending machines. beep kiosks. beep partner merchants. BPI Online. Shopeepay. GCash. Maya. Ministop.

How do I load my Beep card to GCash Related Questions

Can I load beep card in 711?

Aside from the 300 Bayad Center branches, train passengers will also have the option to reload in over 1,100 Metro Manila branches of 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, and Family Mart by September. The beep card system was introduced last October 2015 and can be accepted in the MRT-3, LRT-1, LRT-2 and select bus lines.

How to load beep card using globe one app?

Step 1: Log-in to GlobeOne app and click on the “Buy Load.” Step 2: Choose an account or type a mobile number. Step 3: Enter your desired load amount, then tap “Buy Load.”

Is beep card reloadable?

Beep Card is a reloadable contactless smart card that allows users to pay for their transportation fares without the need for cash.

Can I still use expired beep card?

Beep cards have a set expiration date regardless if they still have credits (load) and you use them daily. But you don’t have to get a new one once they expire, all you have to do is go to an MRT station and have it checked at the cashier.

Can I use my phone as beep card?

To enable this feature, check that your phone has an NFC feature and that it is switched on. Cardholders must then download the latest version of the beep card app. On the main menu, tap Buy beep Load and select the card that would be reloaded or input the details of the unregistered card.

How much is the load fee for Beep card?

Choose ‘Beep’. Select any available load packages ‚DZ105, ‚DZ255, and ‚DZ505. Every transaction has a ‚DZ5 convenience fee.

How much is Beep card now?

👉 How Much is a Beep Card? The beep card price in train stations is ₱100, a one-time issuance fee per card. You can also buy outside the train stations for ₱130.

Can I load my Beep card using Shopeepay?

You can now top up your Beep Cards through Shopee. To do so, go to Loads, Bills & Travel in the Homepage > select Beep Card > input Beep Card Account Number > Select voucher (Optional) > select Top Up Amount > Checkout > select Payment Option > Confirm > Pay Now.

Is Beep card a smart card?

The Beep payment system is implemented and operated by AF Payments Incorporated, which is a joint venture of Ayala Corporation and Metro Pacific Investments Corporation. The system makes use of a reloadable contactless smart card of the same name. Each card can store a value of up to ₱10,000.

How to redeem Beep card load from globe rewards?

Go to the Rewards page in the beep mobile app to view all the cards enrolled for beep‚Ñ¢ rewards. 6.3. When you get to the Rewards Page, select the card that you wish to redeem points for.

How do I load my Beep card on PayMaya?

Go to PayMaya and tap “Load” Choose “Transport” and click “Beep” Select the amount to load. Enter the 16-digit card number and click “Next” Slide to buy the load. Tap your Beep card at any e-loading station and insert the card in the slot.

Can I use GCash MasterCard for beep?

As an extra feature, another type of GCash card can also be used as a Beep to pay for your MRT/LRT commute around Metro Manila. The cost of GCash card is ₱150, while the GCash Mastercard with Beep is ₱210. There is no additional charge for the delivery.

What can I do with my expired beep card?

All Rail stations (LRT1, LRT2 at MRT 3) SSSI BGC Telus booth in McKinley and Market! TAS Trans Nuvali terminal booth.

Can I check Beep card balance online?

How to check Beep‚Ñ¢ card load balance online using the Beep‚Ñ¢ mobile app. For easy and convenient access to your card, Beep‚Ñ¢ introduced their mobile app. With this app, you can check the load balance and view your card transactions. This app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Does student discount apply to Beep card?

beep‚Ñ¢ card offers senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and students a special discount card that they can use in MRT3, LRT-1, and LRT-2 and to other partner merchants. Download the form here to apply!

Where can I renew my expired Beep card?

Beep Express Renewal terminals are deployed at all LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3 stations.

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