How do I load PayMaya with BPI?

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So, you want to know How do I load PayMaya with BPI?

On the PayMaya app, go to ‘Cash In. ‘ Under Bank Accounts, select ‘BPI. ‘ Enter the amount. Enter your BPI Online username and password and select an account to cash in from. Enter the One-Time PIN sent to your registered mobile number, and tap ‘Submit. ‘

Can I transfer money from bank to PayMaya?

Open your bank app or e-wallet and transfer via InstaPay. Choose PayMaya/Maya Wallet and enter your wallet’s mobile number. Open Maya to check that you’ve received your money in the app.

How do I deposit money into PayMaya?

Step 1: Have your mobile number in hand and an ID proof. Step 2: Ask for the transaction slip and fill the same. Step 3: Submit the transaction slip, money and valid ID proof at the cash counter. Step 4: You will receive an SMS confirmation on your registered mobile number.

How can I load GCash from BPI online?

Login via BPI Online or the BPI Mobile app. Go to menu and select “Payments/Load” Select ‚ÄúLoad E-wallet‚Äù Fill in the details and select an e-wallet. Confirm the details of your transaction, then click ‚ÄúConfirm‚Äù Authenticate the transaction via Mobile Key. You’re done!

How do I load PayMaya with BPI Related Questions

How to transfer money from international Bank to PayMaya?

Sending Money to PayMaya in 5 Easy Steps For first-time users, download the Remitly app and create an account. Then select the Philippines as your destination country. Enter the amount you wish to send. Select your delivery speed, then choose Mobile Money as your delivery method and PayMaya as your location.

How to transfer Maya to BPI for free?

Log in your PayMaya account. Open the PayMaya app on your device and enter your password to log in. Tap BANK TRANSFER and select BPI. On the main screen of your PayMaya account, click the Bank Transfer icon. Fill in the transaction details and send. Send and confirm. Take note of the Reference ID.

Does Maya accept international transfer?

Once you’ve created your Maya account, complete the free account upgrade process so you can start receiving international remittance. If you’re having trouble, please contact Maya customer support at

What bank does PayMaya use?

Maya is powered by the country’s only end-to-end digital payments company PayMaya Philippines, Inc. and Maya Bank, Inc. (‚ÄúMaya Bank‚Äù) for digital banking services.

Can PayMaya be used internationally?

Aside from the SSS, PayMaya users abroad can also transact with other government agencies such as the Pag-IBIG Fund, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Foreign Affairs, and over 60 other agencies and local government units that accept PayMaya as a payment option.

What payment methods does PayMaya accept?

Customers can pay using any Visa, Mastercard, or JCB credit or debit card. They can also pay with e-Wallet such as Maya, GCash, GrabPay, WeChat Pay and ShopeePay.

How can I load PayMaya in BDO?

Log in to your BDO Mobile Account. Choose “PayMaya” under “Company/Biller.” Enter the desired amount (min. Receive the confirmation message from BDO on your screen. Wait for the confirmation message from PayMaya via SMS once the money has been credited to your account.

Where can I deposit in Maya?

Enjoy multiple ways to move your money in and out of Maya Savings. Transfer and deposit directly from BPI, BDO, UnionBank, GCash, ShopeePay, and more.

Can BPI transfer money to GCash?

Select a bank. Enter the amount you want to transfer. Select Transfer to Another Bank. On the drop down list, select GCash.

What is the limit of BPI to GCash transfer?

Transfer Fees and limits The amount you can transfer every day from your BPI account to GCash is Php 50,000 per day. Cash in from a linked BPI account to GCash is free of charge. Transferring money from your BPI app to GCash will cost you Php25. The minimum transaction limit is Php1 per transaction.

What is the maximum amount of BPI to GCash?

You can transfer up to an aggregated amount of Php 250,000* per day. This limit includes cash-ins to other partner apps and websites, load prepaid phone and prepaid card, load other prepaid, transfers to other BPI accounts (unenrolled), Instapay transfers, pay e-Gov, pay on delivery, and BPI to Cash.

What is the limit of BPI to Maya?

Wallet and Transaction Limits BPI/BPI Family via Instapay (₱20K, up to 3 transactions per day)

How can I use GCash in USA?

Interested users may download GCash via Google Play, App Store and Huawei Gallery. After full verification of identity, users can cash in in the US via Remitly. They can use GCash to send money, pay bills, or buy load.

Can I register PayMaya outside Philippines?

To start using PayMaya abroad, all they have to do is download the PayMaya app on their phones ( and register using their Philippine mobile SIM with international roaming activated, their address in the Philippines, as well as a valid Philippine ID such as Passport, Driver’s …

How much is the charge from Maya to BPI?

There will be a 2% fee when you transfer funds to unenrolled accounts. This is computed based on the deposit amount. For example, if PHP1,000 is the deposit amount, PHP10 (PHP1,000 x 2% = PHP20) will be deducted from your Maya Business account aside from the deposit amount.

How much is the fee for Maya bank transfer?

Sending Money Between Maya Accounts Is Free. Unlike other methods of money transfer, you won’t be racking up costs for each transaction.

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