How do I pay RFID with GCash?

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So, you want to know How do I pay RFID with GCash?

STEP 1: On your GCash homepage, Tap Bills. STEP 2: Tap Transportation in the Biller categories. STEP 3: Tap Autosweep RFID. STEP 4: Input your Account Number. STEP 5: Input the Amount. STEP 6: Input your Email Address. STEP 7: Tap Next. STEP 8: Review your payment details then tap Confirm.

How do I pay RFID?

Enter the Plate Number or Card Number connected to your Autosweep RFID account. Choose how you want to pay. Select amount you want to load and complete the transaction. Receive a notification of a successful transaction. Load will be credited instantly!

Can I load Easytrip using GCash?

LOG IN to your GCash account. Tap PAY BILLS. Tap the icon for TRAVEL or TRANSPORTATION. Tap the RFID you want to add load — Autosweep RFID or Easytrip RFID.

Can I pay toll fee using GCash?

Toll House – We now accept GCash at all Toll House… | Facebook.

How do I pay RFID with GCash Related Questions

How much is the RFID fee in GCash?

Is there an additional fee when paying for RFID? Yes, there is a convenience fee of 10 pesos for every transaction.

What is the minimum load for RFID GCash?

Please note that the minimum amount you can load is PhP 200. And there is a PhP 10 transaction fee for this. Review the details and tap the NEXT button. 5 Select the payment source from which you want to deduct the amount.

How much is RFID charge?

Pay for the initial Easytrip RFID load of ₱200 (south) and ₱500 (north). Wait for your Easytrip wallet to be activated within 24 hours.

What is the RFID fee?

Below is a breakdown of the costs for the different RFID tags and readers. Tags. The cost of passive RFID tags range from $0.10 for basic passive RFID tags to $20 USD for Active RFID tags. . Basic passive RFID tags – Basic passive tags cost $0.10 USD each, and can be used for paper, non-metal, and liquid materials.

How do I reload my RFID online?

Open the Touch n Go Wallet app. Your eWallet balance will be displayed. Press the “Toll” button in the middle segment. There are 3 options that appear, “TNG Card”, “PayDirect” and “RFID”. Your vehicle information and ID tag number will be displayed.

How do I find my RFID account number?

Your 16-digit Easytrip RFID card number is found at the back of your card just below the barcode.

How do I know if my RFID has load?

Via SMS (Mobile Text) To check your RFID balance via SMS, here’s what you need to do: Text ‚ÄúBAL [space] Account Number‚Äú.

What is the minimum load to Easytrip?

Present your Easytrip card or your 12-digit Easytrip RFID Account number to the cashier, e.g. 520007777777. 4. Pay the minimum reload amount of P500.

Is there an app for Easytrip RFID?

App is available to Android phones only for now (except for Nougat OS). You may register your account on our website for the meantime. Go to, scroll down to Check your Balance and register.

Is Easytrip RFID free?

Thankfully, the Easytrip Neology RFID tags are free of charge, and motorists with the older generation of RFID stickers can have them swapped at select toll plazas (see here for details).

What is the account number in RFID?

Get to know your Easytrip Card‚Äã Account Number:‚Äã‚Äã Easytrip RFID has a unique 12-digit number. It is also used when reloading your account. ‚Äã‚Äã Card Number:‚Äã‚Äã Your 16-digit card number is found at the back of your card, below the barcode.

How to load RFID using 7-Eleven?

Just follow these easy steps: ➡️ Stop over at the nearest 7-Eleven to get your Smart e-load. ➡️ Top up your account using your load: just text EASY [DENOM] [12 DIGIT ACCOUNT NO] to 3279. Available in denominations of 100, 300, 500, and 1000.

Does GCash have RFID?

Log in to your GCash account. Go to PAY BILLS. Click the icon for TRANSPORTATION. Choose the RFID you wish to reload — Autosweep RFID or EasyTrip.

What is the difference between Autosweep RFID and EasyTrip RFID?

Autosweep RFID is currently available on SMC-operated tollways such as the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), Skyway, NAIA Expressway (NAIAX), and Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX), while Easytrip RFID is used on the NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX, C5 Link, CALAX, and the Harbor Link.

What are the requirements for RFID?

According to DOTr, the only requirements needed for the enrollment of RFID stickers is one valid ID, the vehicle to be registered, and the initial load amount of P200-500.

How much is penalty for no RFID?

In a nutshell, if you enter a tollway with insufficient RFID load, by the third time, you’ll be slapped with a ‘Disregarding Traffic Signs’ violation and a PhP1,000.00 fine. Starting May 15, 2021, all tollways that use the Autosweep RFID system, as well as the Easytrip RFID system, will be adopting this rule.

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