How do I reconnect my Smart line after payment?

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So, you want to know How do I reconnect my Smart line after payment?

To lift your account from redirection, simply settle your outstanding balance and report your payment to continuously enjoy uninterrupted connection. Please visit this link to where you can pay your bill. You may also chat with us through the Smart Communications, Inc.

How do I reconnect my Smart WiFi?

Turn on your phone’s WiFi connection and manually select #SmartWifi from the list of WiFi networks. Open your Internet browser to be directed to the Smart WiFi page. Input your mobile number in the space provided and wait for your verification code to be sent via SMS.

How do I activate my Smart plan?

Texting ?1515 to 214 for free. Dialing *214# and press Call to receive load balance via text for free. Dialing 1515 using your cellphone and you will receive your balance details via SMS (P1/inquiry).

What will happen if you don’t pay your Smart plan?

In the event of a pending bill, the cellular provider will disconnect the connection first, followed by notices and calls from recovery agents. If you do not pay your bills after that, you will most likely be blacklisted by the operator, which means you will never be able to use their services again.

How do I reconnect my Smart line after payment Related Questions

How do I reactivate my Smart prepaid?

Disconnected Smart Prepaid SIM cards will not be reconnected, and mobile numbers associated with the disconnected SMART Prepaid SIM Cards cannot be reacquired. A new Smart Prepaid SIM card must be purchased to continue availing the Prepaid Service.

How long does it take for Internet to reconnect after payment?

After Payment Is Made Generally speaking, your service should restore within 30-60 minutes of payment receipt. If you have waited 30-60 minutes and service has not been restored, try rebooting your equipment. Sometimes, when service has been disconnected for over 7 days, your service can be disconnected at the home.

How do I activate Wi-Fi again?

Go to the Start Menu and select Control Panel. Click the Network and Internet category and then select Networking and Sharing Center. From the options on the left-hand side, select Change adapter settings. Right-click on the icon for Wireless Connection and click enable.

How do I reset my smart Network?

Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Head to General management or System (depending upon the device you are using) Select Reset or Reset options and choose ‘Reset network settings’ Now, tap on the reset button. It will then ask you to enter your device PIN, password or biometrics.

How do I connect to the Internet again?

Restart your device. Open your Settings app and tap Network & internet or Connections. Depending on your device, these options may be different. Turn Wi-Fi off and mobile data on, and check if there’s a difference. If not, turn mobile data off and Wi-Fi on and check again.

How do I check my SMART plan status?

Prepaid (SIM, phone, device) Postpaid Line (GSM or Bro) Subscription (add-ons, eload)

How do I check my SMART subscription status?

Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro, Smart Bro Home WiFi and TNT subscribers can conveniently check your remaining load balance and active subscriptions through the following ways: For Smart Prepaid, TNT and Bro Prepaid subscribers: Dial *123#, choose Bal:Svcs and select Balance.

How do I check my SMART plan?

Dial *888 using your Smart Postpaid mobile number. Press 1 for inquiries related to account, billing, and payment. Press 1 to know your latest billed amount.

What happens if you miss a monthly phone payment?

Your mobile provider could cut your phone off so you’re unable to make or receive calls. If you don’t take steps to deal with the debt, your account will default and the contract will be cancelled. The mobile provider can then take action to recover the outstanding bill, following the normal debt collection process.

What happens if I stop paying my prepaid phone?

If you don’t make a payment to your account before the expiration date, any remaining balance may be lost and you could lose your mobile number.

What is the lock in period for smart plan?

To cap it off, the lock-in period has been shortened from 12 months to 6 months only. The easiest way to level up to the postpaid experience, Signature Plan 599 is best suited for subscribers who top up on a regular basis and end up spending hundreds per month to cover all their data, call, and text needs.

How do I reactivate my deactivated SIM?

Check the numbers printed on the SIM, and write them down. Contact your service provider via a phone call or email to reactivate the number. When speaking with the customer service rep, state your IMEI and SIM card numbers. Insert the SIM card back into the handset.

Can you reactivate a deactivated SIM card?

Is it possible to reactivate my SIM? Once a SIM card has been deactivated, it’s not possible to reactivate it. Moreover, deactivating the SIM card returns the phone number associated with it to the pool of available phone numbers. It is therefore impossible to keep the phone number associated with a deactivated SIM.

Can I reactivate expired SIM card?

There are no ways to recover or to reactivate SIM card that expires, the only solution is you have to purchase another prepaid SIM card to continue using its service.

How do I reconnect my internet after disconnecting?

Cable/DSL Modems Leave it unplugged for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in. Give the modem a few minutes to run through its self-checks and reconnect to the internet. When the internet connectivity light on the front of the modem comes on, you can plug in the router and turn your computer back on.

How do I know if my internet is disconnected?

Check for an internet outage You can use a site like to see if anyone else is having connection issues in your area. Many ISPs also have outage alerts via their websites and apps. Of course, you could always just contact your ISP to find out if there’s an outage.

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