How do I recover my smart SIM card?

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So, you want to know How do I recover my smart SIM card?

You may visit your nearest Smart Store and just bring 1 Valid ID as Proof of Identification. ID should show your Name, Picture, ID number, Signature and Issuing Entity. SIM replacement cost is free.

Can we reactivate expired SIM card?

if the life cycle of your SIM card has expired completely, you cannot recharge it again and in that case you need to buy a new prepaid package.

Does smart SIM expire?

The value of the Smart Prepaid, TNT, and Smart Bro Prepaid call & text cards must be used up within 365 days (1 year) from the date it was loaded into your account.

Can I still activate my smart sim?

– One way to activate your smart sim is by doing a balance inquiry. To do that, text ? 1515 and send to 214. Take note that this is free of charge.

How do I recover my smart SIM card Related Questions

What will I do if my Smart SIM is not working?

Remove the SIM from the device for at least 3-5 minutes and re-insert it or transfer it to other working device to check if you are having the same experience. If the issue is persistent, we recommend SIM replacement.

Can I get another Smart SIM card with the same number?

Now, it’s easier to upgrade to a smartphone and retain your current number for FREE! Exchange your current SIM to a MICRO or NANO SIM at a Smart Store near you.

How do I reactivate my deactivated smart SIM?

Disconnected Smart Prepaid SIM cards will not be reconnected, and mobile numbers associated with the disconnected SMART Prepaid SIM Cards cannot be reacquired. A new Smart Prepaid SIM card must be purchased to continue availing the Prepaid Service.

How do I reactivate my deactivated SIM?

Check the numbers printed on the SIM, and write them down. Contact your service provider via a phone call or email to reactivate the number. When speaking with the customer service rep, state your IMEI and SIM card numbers. Insert the SIM card back into the handset.

How do I reactivate an inactive SIM card?

Once a SIM card has been deactivated, it’s not possible to reactivate it. Moreover, deactivating the SIM card returns the phone number associated with it to the pool of available phone numbers.

How do I know if my smart SIM is registered?

To check if your SIM card has a profile, please dial *1202#. If you do not have a profile or your profile is incorrect/incomplete, please go to your nearest Smart Shop or register/update here: SIM registration.

How long can my SIM be inactive?

On most major Pay As You Go networks, you’ll normally be able to leave your SIM card unused for up to 6 months or 9 months at a time. As long as you use your SIM card for a chargeable activity during this time, your account will remain open and your Pay As You Go credit will never expire.

How do you check if SIM is expired or not?

Please dial *144# to check the expiry date of your SIM. You can recharge to extend the validity of your SIM. If the existing customer does not recharge within 90 days, the SIM will go to the one-way block state (Outgoing calls and SMS cannot be done).

How to activate smart SIM 2023 in philippines?

To do this confirmation, subscribers just need to text YES to 5858. They shall then receive a confirmation message from Smart upon successful SIM Registration.

How do I activate my smart SIM card number?

Open your phone’s dialer, and dial *123# 4. Select “3. Activate MNP & Other Services” 5.

Why did my SIM card suddenly stop working?

The SIM might be out of place. If you’ve recently dropped, bumped, or opened your device it may need adjusting. Follow the SIM card installation instructions in your device’s user guide. Your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code may have been entered incorrectly too many times.

Why is my SIM card disabled?

You May Have the SIM Card Option Disabled Maybe you turned it off for some reason and forgot to turn it back on. To check if you have it enabled or not, go to Settings > Network and Internet > SIM Cards. If the SIM card is enabled, the slider to the side should be in blue; a grey button means it’s disabled.

Why is my SIM card not working again?

You might not have placed the SIM card in the tray correctly, or the card might be dirty or damaged. You will also have connection issues if the old SIM and your new phone are incompatible. Some 5G phones require updated SIM cards to work. It could also be a problem with the phone’s software.

How do I update my Smart SIM card?

Turn off your phone. Remove your old SIM and replace it with the LTE Upgrade SIM. Turn on phone and wait for the SMS instruction from 3723. Reply to the message with your mobile number. Wait for the SMS confirmation. Restart your phone to complete the SIM upgrade process.

How do I renew my SIM card?

1 Step 1. Log in using UAE Pass. 2 Step 2. Fill-in the application form. 3 Step 3. Attach the required documents. 4 Step 4. Pay the service fees. 5 Step 5. TDRA will review the application. 6 Step 6. Receive the renewed certificate.

How do I change my SIM card but keep the same number?

This is called porting your mobile number. To keep your mobile number and transfer it to another network, you need to request what’s called a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from your old provider and then give the code to your new provider so they can schedule the switch.

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