How do I redeem Garena shells from Paymaya?

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So, you want to know How do I redeem Garena shells from Paymaya?

Choose the desired Log-in Method (Garena preferred) Enter your Garena ID and Password account in the login section. After you login, choose Shell Top up. Choose Garena PPC and enter the 16-digit PIN. Your transaction is complete!

How do I redeem Garena shells?

Please visit the website Enter your Player ID. Enter your redeem code on Garena PPC section; Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed the voucher.

How to transfer Garena shell to codm?

To convert your Garena Shells voucher to COD Points (CP) vist this link. Login to your in-game account. Click on “Call of Duty Mobile – Garena” Select “Garena PPC” and input your voucher code password.

How do I claim my PayMaya prize code?

Open the PayMaya app and log in to your account. Tap the “Vouchers” on the home screen. Select the voucher you want to redeem under “Available” and tap “Claim.” Review the details and amount of the voucher and tap “Claim Now.”

How do I redeem Garena shells from Paymaya Related Questions

Where do I enter my prize code in PayMaya?

Download the PayMaya app and register an account. It’s free! Input your friend’s invite code in the ‚ÄúGet Free Credits‚Äù screen and tap ‚ÄúSubmit Invite Code‚Äù.

Where do I redeem Garena code?

Garena Free Fire players will have to submit the code by visiting the redemption website of the game to claim freebies at

How do I claim Garena shells in Codashop?

Click here to redeem your Garena Shells Voucher code. Select “Shell Top Up” and login using your Garena account. Select Garena PPC & input your Garena Shells voucher password. Complete the transaction.

Do Garena shells expire?

The Garena Shell voucher does not have an expiration date, and can be used at any time you wish.

Can I gift my Garena shells to another account?

The SMS confirmation comes with the gaming pin or voucher you need to input on the Garena website or app when you log in. There’s also a ‚ÄúSend as Gift‚Äù button that you can toggle if you want to send the Garena Shells to your fellow players.

How to refund Garena shells?

Please Note: Refund requests must be requested by the Support portal. We cannot action a refund request via live chat and you will be referred to submit a ticket should you contact support via live chat for a refund.

How to convert prepaid card to bank account?

You may be able to transfer from a prepaid card to a bank account instantly via the prepaid card’s online or mobile portal. You can also use third-party services like PayPal, MoneyGram, or Venmo. Note that instant transfer services may assess an extra fee.

Where can I exchange my Garena shells?

Select the desired denomination, complete the payment, and then redeem your Garena Shells in the Garena official shop website. You can pay via DITO, Globe, Smart, Coins, GCash, GrabPay, PayMaya, ShopeePay, 7-Eleven, BPI, BDO, SM Payment Counters, Robinsons Dept. Store, LBC, ECPay, etc.

What to do after buying Garena shells?

After your purchase, you’ll receive a text that gives you the ePIN CARD and PIN which you’ll need to redeem your points. Go to your Garena account, then click Top-up. Select Garena PPC repaid Card and enter the PIN under the Garena Prepaid Card Password field. That’s it!

How much is 1 Garena Shell?

The platform doesn’t charge fees, so you’ll always get one Garena Shell at ‚DZ1.

How do you get 500 on PayMaya?

PayMaya to Bank Transfers (including but not limited to InstaPay and PESONet) PayMaya to Smart Padala. Bank Transfers to PayMaya (including but not limited to InstaPay and PESONet) Smart Padala to PayMaya.

How to get free 200 pesos in PayMaya?

Sign up and upgrade your account using an invite code from another PayMaya user to get ₱100. Earn another ₱50 after successfully upgrading your account. Start using your PayMaya account!

What is Maya cash code?

Cash In Code may be represented as a one-time 7-digit code or a bar code generated by the Maya app. It can be used as basis of the customer’s add money request. This will help keep the transaction secure by ensuring that the customer has authorized the transaction to their own wallet account.

How to get free 50 pesos in PayMaya?

Create or sign up for a Maya account and. Cash in at least PHP50 to get FREE GIGASURF50, GOSURF50, EASYSURF50, or GIGAVIDEO50. Upgrade or verify their account to get an additional PHP50.

How to claim free 20 pesos in PayMaya?

Buy prepaid load for yourself. Send money to another PayMaya user. Pay a bill via the PayMaya app. Shop online using the PayMaya virtual or physical card. Cash In.

What is Garena redeem code size?

The Free Fire Redemption code has 12 characters consisting of capital letters and numbers. The items you get by redeeming the codes are shown in the vault tab in the game lobby.

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