How do I register for smart for ML?

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So, you want to know How do I register for smart for ML?

Just dial *123# to register. + 1 GB / day of Games All-Day for Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor (AOV), Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Facebook Gaming and more!

How do I register for ML10?

2ND WAY: Text ML10 and send to 4545 You can also try the TNT Allnet20 promo with 50 MB of mobile data and Unlimited call & text to all networks or the UTP15 Unli Call & Text to Sun, Smart, TNT.

How do I register my ML data?

Download the app through android’s Play Store or iOS’ App Store. Run the app and let it download all the necessary files. Login using your social media accounts or register a new Moonton account.

How to load ML10 via keyword?

👉 Load Regular Tnt 10 the code is SM10. 👉 Once load is confirmed, from the mobile of the customer. 👉 DIAL *121# or *123# CLICK OTHER. CLICK MLDONE 😁 👉 For Smart, Tm, Sun at Globe all promos with DATA lahat yan pwede sa ML (Mobile Legends) 💪😊

How do I register for smart for ML Related Questions

How do I recharge my ML app?

Simply enter your Mobile Legends user ID and zone ID, select the item you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the item will be instantly delivered to your Mobile Legends account. Pay conveniently with Codacash, Globe/TM, GCash, Smart/TNT, Maya, GrabPay,, 7-Eleven, Bank Transfer and Card Payment.

How do I activate my ML stream?

Open Mobile Legends Apps. Tap the (Live) icon on the left of your screen. Tap (My live channel) at the top right corner of the screen. Tick the Live Stream option On.

How do I register my ML account to Moonton?

How to Create a New Account in ML for New Players. Download the app through android’s Play Store or iOS’ App Store. Run the app and let it download all the necessary files. Login using your social media accounts or register a new Moonton account.

How do I link my ML account?

I’d suggest you to create a Moonton account. Profile ‚Üí Account ‚Üí Moonton Account. Fill in your details and create the account. After creating your new account, open Mobile Legends on your new device and go to: Profile ‚Üí Account ‚Üí Switch Account ‚Üí Moonton Account. Fill in the details to log in, and there you go.

How do I access my ML account?

After checking on your account credentials, you may now go back to the main menu. From here, tap on your account profile to access the account settings. Proceed to the “Account” and “Account Center” followed by “Retrieve Account” to open the retrieval system.

How do I update my ML account?

You need to Tap on the Settings Option in the main lobby. In the Basic tab, tap on the Update Settings option.

What is ML user ID?

User and Zone ID are located on the upper left of your Profile. The User ID is the longer one and the 4 digits one would be your Zone ID.

What do I dial in smart retailer SIM?

Retailer is also advised to use the Retailer UMB via *343# or the Ka-Partner App to ensure that menu is updated.

How can I buy smart load wallet using GCash?

Open the GCash app, then tap “Buy Load”. Input your mobile number or the number of the recipient. Input your load amount or select a promo. Proceed and verify payment. Load will be credited to the nominated recipient.

How can I recharge myself?

Take a warm bath. A warm bath can be relaxing. Use an exfoliating scrub. Exfoliating scrubs can help recharge your body by improving blood circulation. Change your diet. Your energy levels are greatly impacted by your diet. Stretch. Exercise. Aromatherapy. Get more sleep. Get regular rest.

How to get ML diamonds for free?

Current App. Livestreaming. Lucky Spins. Tournaments. In-Game Events.

Can I earn money by playing Mobile Legends?

Then why not help out some beginners and teach them how to play the game? Doing so contributes to the Mobile Legends community and earn fast money while doing so. Players who do this can choose to level or boost their account or simply coach them while playing, and they get to earn in the process.

How do I claim gift from stream on ML?

Gifts given by viewers or spectators will be converted to BB Coins. One gift is equivalent to one BB Coin. These BB Coins will be sent to the streamer via in-game mail after the livestream. Players can then convert 5 BB coins to 1 Diamond.

How do I get my game on stream?

Step 1: Start the game you want to broadcast. Step 2: Press the Share button on your controller. Step 3: Select Broadcast Gameplay. Step 4: The Broadcast Gameplay panel appears on your screen. Step 5: Enter a title for your broadcast. Step 6: Select the output quality.

Why can’t I open my ML account?

Delete Mobile Legends data Every application stores data or cache, sometimes data or cache in an application often fails if the patch or file it contains is not updated, resulting in an error that cannot be opened. Go to settings Android Settings> Applications> Mobile Legends> Clear data or cache.

Can I have multiple ML account?

Yes, it is possible to play two or more Mobile Legends accounts on a single phone by creating multiple user profiles or by using a third-party app that allows you to clone the game app. Here are the steps to create multiple user profiles: Open your phone’s settings and look for “Users & Accounts” or “Users.”

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