How do I register for Smart promo?

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So, you want to know How do I register for Smart promo?

You may text the KEYWORD to 9999. You may dial *121# and navigate through the menu to register. You may download the My Smart App available in the App Store and Google Play Store. You may visit the Smart Online Store at

How to load Smart prepaid WiFi?

Text PASADATA <11-digit Smart Prepaid No.> Php 1 transaction fee will be charged for every transaction.

What is the available load for Smart?

Buy P50, P100, P200, P300, P500 or P1000 eLoad (Smart Load) denominations anytime, anywhere through the Smart Online Store. Smart Load is also available via eLoad retailers and sari-sari stores nationwide.

How do I send a Smart load?

Just text PASALOAD (space) mobile number of recipient (space) amount, then send to 808. The amount transferred plus the P1 SMS fee will be charged on top of your Monthly Service Fee (MSF).

How do I register for Smart promo Related Questions

How do I register my 10 load SMART?

To register to Super Messaging 10, dial *121# then choose SUPER MESSAGING 10 or key in SUPER10 to 9999 to enjoy one day of unlimited texting and chatting experience.

How do I buy data on SMART?

Open your Settings app. Tap Google. Mobile data plan. To check your plan: At the top, see your current data plan status. To buy more data: Under “Buy data,” tap the offer you want. Then tap Buy.

How to load smart prepaid LTE?

Via Smart E-Load (from P10 to P1000 and call, text & data promo loads) Via Smart Prepaid Load Cards (P100, P300, and P500) Via ATMs online store and point-of-sale terminals.

How to load smart roaming prepaid?

SMART roaming subscribers can load their SIM via call and text cards in 2 ways: * While roaming abroad, text RELOAD space and send to 1510. * To reload a roaming SIM using a Call and Text Card, subscriber must have at least P20 load. * Your relatives in the Philippines can buy Call & Text cards for you.

How do I load smart unlimited data?

Log in to the GigaLife App. Open your mobile data or connect to your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi. Log in to the GigaLife App. Select Unli Data 599. Under Favorites, select Unli Data then choose Unli Data 599. Subscribe.

How can I load smart for free?

Using your new SMART Pinoy SIM, text FREELOAD to 74669 (PINOY) ***. Example: FREELOAD JUAN CRUZ Send the message above to 74669. Your P300 load will be processed immediately and you shall receive a confirmation text message!

What is the best load of smart?

P 50 for 3 days. 2 GB. FOR ALL SITES AND APPS. P 99 for 7 days. 6 GB. FOR ALL SITES AND APPS. BUY ONLINE. P 299 for 30 days. 24 GB. FOR ALL SITES AND APPS. BUY ONLINE. P 399 for 30 days. 36 GB.

How do I load power all in smart?

On your phone, dial *123# and wait for the menu to appear. Choose 3 for Power All offers. Choose your preferred denomination.

How to use prepaid card load Smart?

Scratch off the protective ink covering the 14-digit PIN at the back of the top-up card. Dial 1510 + 14-digit PIN, then press the Call key. A voice prompt will confirm if the reload is successful.

How do I reload my Smart load wallet?

Smart Load retailers can replenish their load wallet at any of the following: Designated Provincial Distributors (PD) in the area either through its Distributor Sales Personnel or from the loading stations located in high foot traffic areas.

Where do I send my Smart load register?

To send a promo, key in PASALOAD <11-digit mobile number> and send to 808. 1 GB VIDEO EVERY DAY for YouTube, NBA TV, iWantTFC, Cignal Play + 4 GB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts. Now you can pasaload to any Smart or Smart BRO Prepaid subscribers with your PLDT myHome account!

How do I register for 10 load?

Features: Unlimited texts to Talk ‘N Text and Smart networks. Price: ‚DZ10. Validity: 2 Days. How to register: Text UT10 to 4545.

How do I load my Giga 50 Smart?

Valid for three days, GigaSurf50 also comes with an additional 300MB for streaming on sites YouTube, iflix and more, empowering subscribers to ride the digital wave and enjoy more data, video and music right at their fingertips. To enjoy this latest offer, simply text GIGA50 to 9999.

How much does smart data cost?

For Data Plans, the standard rate of P5 per P15 will be charged on top of the MSF only after the consumption of the allocated data (ex. 5 GB of data for Smart Postpaid Plan 999).

How do I buy data from my balance?

Dial *141#. Select the ‚ÄúShare Data‚Äù option. It’s option 8 on the list. Select option 4 which is the ‚ÄúData Me2U‚Äù. Select ‚ÄúEnter from existing balance‚Äù. Enter the recipient’s number and amount of data to send. Send.

How do I balance my smart data?

Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro, Smart Bro Home WiFi and TNT subscribers can conveniently check your remaining load balance and active subscriptions through the following ways: For Smart Prepaid, TNT and Bro Prepaid subscribers: Dial *123#, choose Bal:Svcs and select Balance. Log in to the GigaLife App.

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