How do I turn off text message notifications?

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So, you want to know How do I turn off text message notifications?

From the messaging app, tap the. Tap ‘Settings’ or ‘Messaging’ settings. If applicable, tap ‘Notifications’ or ‘Notification settings’. Configure the following received notification options as preferred: Configure the following ringtone options:

How do I turn off message notifications for one person?

Open Android Messages. Tap the contact that has this icon displayed. Tap the three stacked dots in the upper right-hand corner. Tap People & options. Tap Notifications to toggle on and off.

How do I turn off text and call notifications?

Settings—Sound & notification—under Notifications select Interruptions and you can set it to Priority only. If you have no notifications set as Priority then you shouldn’t get notifications while in a call.

How do I hide message content on lock screen?

Show all notification content. Hide sensitive notification content. Don’t show notifications at all.

How do I turn off text message notifications Related Questions

Can you silence notifications for one person without them knowing?

Can I silence notifications on my phone for just one person? Android doesn’t offer a native way to mute calls from one person. However, you can easily download a silent ringtone from the internet and assign the same to the contact that you want to mute.

How do I silence all notifications except one person?

I believe the easiest way to accomplish this is through do not disturb mode with custom exceptions. Allowing calls and text messages through do not disturb mode is easy. Simply set “Calls from” and “Messages from” to “All” on the “allow exceptions” menu under the do no disturb settings.

How do I turn off my call notifications?

From a Home screen, tap the. Phone icon. (lower-left). If unavailable, swipe up to access the app screen then tap. Phone. . Tap the. Menu icon. (upper-right). Tap. Settings. . Tap. Call alerts and ringtone. . Tap the. Allow alarm/notification sounds in calls switch. to turn on or off .

How do I turn off voice text notification on Android?

On your Android phone or tablet, say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.” Or, go to Assistant settings. Tap Devices. Spoken notifications. Turn Spoken notifications on or off.

How do I hide content in floating notification?

— Turn the Toggle off for Show content in Notifications. Users must note that they may still receive notifications even after turning the toggle off for high priority notifications. To be safer, they can change notifications by going to phone settings.

How do I turn off message preview when locked?

Open the Settings app. Go to Notifications. Tap on Messages. Scroll down and toggle the Show preview option to the Off setting.

What is floating notification?

Floating Notifications is now available on devices supporting Android OS 11 and above, so keep up-to-date with Conversations and app Notifications without having to scroll through your Notification panel by activating Floating Notifications on your Galaxy phone now.

What does it mean if someone has notifications silenced?

If a chat says notifications were silenced, it doesn’t mean that that contact blocked you. They might have turned on Focus mode on one of their Apple devices which will silence all notifications throughout all their devices.

What is the difference between Do Not Disturb and silent mode?

Simply, in Silent Mode your phone is silent for all calls, messages & notifications and can’t be customized. In “Do Not Disturb” Mode you can customize to allow some numbers to ring during call or messages and for all other numbers the phone will remain silent.

Is notifications silenced for one person or everyone?

This article has been viewed 123,584 times. Did you try to text one of your contacts only to see a message that says “(name) has notifications silenced?” Don’t worry—this just means that the person you’re texting has turned on a Focus Mode on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How do I turn off voice text sensor?

Get started by opening the speech-to-text feature. While the microphone is up, tap the gear icon to open Voice Settings. In the settings screen, un-check Hide offensive words.

Why is my phone giving me voice notifications?

It sounds like you may have Driving Mode enabled. Driving Mode allows you to remain hands free and will announce when you have an incoming call or a new message. To disable you can follow these steps: Settings>Language and Input>Text to Speech Output>Turn off Driving Mode.

Why are my voice Messages coming in as text Messages?

Once your voicemail is set up, and you’ve added Voicemail to Text for iPhone, you’ll automatically start receiving your voicemail messages as text messages that you can view in the text messaging app.

What is hide content notification?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, you have probably come across a notification that says “Contents Hidden”. To view the content, you will need to unlock the device first. On some Samsung Galaxy devices, this feature is enabled by default. Samsung says this is a security feature to protect your personal information.

How do I turn off preview message in notification bar?

To hide the message content in the Notification bar, make sure the Hide content switch is turned on. You can see how your notifications look in the preview pane at the top. TIP: If you like keeping your Notification area clean, you can also get rid of the permanent notifications on Android.

How do I turn off preview messages on Android?

Open the Messages app . Tap More. Settings. Tap Automatic previews. Turn on/off Show all previews.

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