Is Galaxy Note 8 still supported?

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So, you want to know Is Galaxy Note 8 still supported?

Samsung won’t release any new Galaxy Note 8 updates from now on. The Galaxy Note 8 was a very important device for Samsung. It had to reassure customers that Samsung’s Galaxy Note series was safe.

How to get approved for Globe plan?

Computerized 1-month Payslip. Certificate of Employment and Compensation. ITR with BIR or Bank-received Stamp (form 1700) W-2 (form 2316) Credit Card (swipe to charge advance monthly service fee) 3-month Certificate of Allotment plus Employment Contract (for overseas workers)

Is the Galaxy Note 8 5G compatible?

The Note 8 will be the fifth phone to support AT&T’s 5G Evolution, which features technologies such as C-RAN, 256 QAM, 44 MIMO and three-way carrier aggregation.

How do I update my Galaxy Note 8 to latest version?

From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key > Settings > About phone > Software updates > Check for Updates. If your device finds a new software update, tap Download now. When complete, a screen will appear advising you that the new version of software is ready to be installed. Tap Install update.

Is Galaxy Note 8 still supported Related Questions

What kind of SIM card is in a Note 8?

Only Nano-SIM cards work with the device.

Is the Galaxy Note 8 4G compatible?

A: All Galaxy Note 8 comes with the ability to connect to 4G LTE.

Does my Samsung Note 8 have a SIM card?

This device can use a microSD card up to 256GB. 1. LOCATE SIM TRAY: The SIM & microSD tray is located on the top left side of the device. To insert a SIM card, first insert a SIM tool or paperclip into the small hole to eject the SIM tray.

How long does it take to approve Globe plan?

Submit online or through Globe’s business center. Approval will usually take 3 to 5 business days. Once approved, you’ll receive a call or text from the provider and will be asked to pay for the upfront payment if applicable to the mobile postpaid plan you’ve applied for.

Is Globe plan prepaid or postpaid?

Globe GPlans are the latest postpaid plans offered to customers who want to apply for postpaid subscriptions and existing postpaid customers up for plan renewal.

How does Globe installment plan work?

The Globe Installment Payment Program We care about keeping you worry-free and connected. Enroll your postpaid bill in Globe’s Installment Payment Program, and pay your balance in easy installments of up to 6 months. To know the amount you need to pay, download GlobeOne App or Globe At Home app. View FAQs.

Is Samsung Note 8 5G or 4G?

Connectivity option on the Galaxy Note 8 includes 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4/5GHz), VHT80 MU-MIMO, Bluetooth v 5.0 (LE up to 2Mbps), GPS with GLONASS, USB Type-C 3.1, NFC, and MST.

Is the Note 8 a 3G device?

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is available in WiFi-only, 3G & Wi-Fi, and 4G/LTE & WiFi variants. Storage ranges from 16 GB to 32 GB depending on the model, with a microSDXC card slot for expansion. It has an 8-inch WXGA TFT screen with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels.

Which Samsung Note is 5G capable?

The new Note10 and the Note10+ have all the features one would expect from a Galaxy Note Series, and with the 10+ 5G model’s built in 5G, you will be ready to experience Verizon’s lightning-fast 5G Ultra Wideband network.

What is the price of new Samsung Note 8?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price in India starts from ‚Çπ 29,999. The lowest price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is ‚Çπ 29,999 at Amazon on 13th March 2023.

When was Note 8 Discontinued?

Samsung rolled out its last security patch to the phone in August 2021.

Can Note 8 run android 13?

Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note 8 can now run Android 13, unofficially. An early build of LineageOS 20 based on Android 13 is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy Note 8.

How do I know what Android version I have on my Samsung Note 8?

Open your phone’s Settings app. Near the bottom, tap About phone. Android version. Find your ‘Android version’, ‘Android security update’ and ‘Build number’.

Can I upgrade Note 8 to Android 10?

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 will not be getting Android 10 update – SamMobile. Epic Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Book 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals at Samsung!

What size SIM card does a Samsung Note 8 take?

A Samsung Galaxy Note8 uses a Nano sized SIM Card.

Does Galaxy Note 8 have two SIM cards?

The Samsung Note 8 is an unlocked Dual SIM phone that works worldwide with no contract!

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