Is GCash accepted in SSS?

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So, you want to know Is GCash accepted in SSS?

Important Reminder: Before paying your SSS contribution through GCash, you should first generate your unique PRN (Payment Reference Number). Visit to create an SSS account and to generate your monthly PRN.

What are the other payment methods for SSS contribution?

SSS Tellering Branches (120+ branches to date) Partner Banks (Over-The-Counter) Asia United Bank* (AUB) Bank of Commerce* (BOC) Bank One Savings Bank. First Isabela Cooperative Bank (FICO Bank) Partner Rural Bank. Philippine Business Bank (PBB) Non-Bank Collecting Partners.

How much does GCash charge for SSS payment?

All SSS service transactions made through GCash are posted in real-time with no added fees.

Can SSS contribution be paid through the GCash e wallet payment method?

Simply sign in with your account and generate a Payment Reference Number (PRN). After you’ve generated PRN, simply tap the “Pay” button and select “GCash” as a payment method.

Is GCash accepted in SSS Related Questions

How can I pay SSS online abroad?

If you are an OFW based in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands or Gibraltar, you can pay your SSS contribution online through Kabayan Remit. You can also pay other Philippine contributions, such as Pag-IBIG and Philhealth using Kabayan Remit.

Can US users use GCash?

If one is inclined to go abroad or is set to work overseas, there is good news waiting. GCash will be available in other countries, such as the United States, Japan, Australia and Italy. Last February, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas approved the beta launch of GCash Overseas.

How do I pay SSS contribution manually?

Fill out 3 copies of SSS Form R5 (see form #1 above) and make sure all the company’s information are all correctly written. Fill out 3 copies of SSS Form R3 (see form #2 above) Go to SSS office near you and pay the contributions.

How much is the minimum SSS contribution for OFW?

For OFWs, the range of compensation to compute the contribution is Below PHP 8,250 to PHP 29,750 and over. The amount of contribution ranges from PHP 1,120 to PHP 4,200 per month. You can use the SSS Contribution Calculator for quick and precise results.

Can I pay my SSS contribution for the whole year?

Pay your contributions following the payment deadline to avoid application of payments prospectively. 18 Contributions for January to December of a given year may be paid anytime within the same year. Contributions for October to December of a given year may also be paid until 31 January of the succeeding year.

What banks are accredited by SSS?

1 Asia United Bank Corp. 2 Bank of Commerce 3 BDO Unibank, Inc. 4 China Banking Corp. 5 Citibank N.A. Philippine Branch 1 Over-the-Counter Asia United Bank Corp.

What banks are partners with SSS?

Moreover, Auto Debit Arrangement is available for all types of payors through the BPI, Country Builders Bank (CBB), First Consolidated Bank, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank), and Philippine National Bank (PNB).

How much is SSS in the Philippines?

The 14 percent is composed of 9.5 % Employer Share and 4.5% Employee Share while the minimum Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) will be increased from P3,000 to P4,000 and the maximum MSC from P25,000 to P30,000. The 1 % increase is to be shouldered by the employer and employee’s share remains at 4.5%.

How can I use GCash as payment method?

Upon going through the orders, select GCash as payment method. Proceed with authorizing the GCash payment. You will be asked to log in your GCash account and provide OTP that will be sent to your mobile number via SMS. Confirm payment.

Is GCash a mode of payment?

GCash is a payment method which allows to process payments and payouts by using the GCash e-wallet.

How can I use GCash as payroll?

Tap “Apply Now” below and fill up the form. Submit your business documents. Submit other GCash requirements (a GCash representative will contact you) Complete the training and start disbursing!

How can I pay my SSS in the Philippines from abroad?

Pay for your Social Security System (SSS) contribution even while you are abroad. Through PNB’s Overseas Bills Payment System, you can pay for your SSS contribution at any PNB overseas branch, office, agent, or tie-up. Enjoy real-time posting of your SSS contributions with your Payment Reference Number (PRN)!

What is the deadline for SSS contribution for OFW?

Moreover, the contribution payment deadline for land-based OFW members for the applicable months of January to September of a given year is every December 31 of the same year, while for the applicable months of October to December of a given year, it is every January 31 of the succeeding year.

Where can I pay my SSS PRN contribution?

The SSS PRN is a unique series of number which you will present/encode in the SSS Payment Partners (like Bayad Center, Gcash, Paymaya, Banks). You will need to generate a new Payment Reference Number every time you will pay your SSS Contribution either monthly or quarterly.

How do I set up GCash from USA?

Step 1: Dial *143#. Step 2: Enter the option for GCash, then tap Send. Step 3: Enter the option for Register, then tap Send. Step 4: Set and verify your MPIN.

How can I withdraw money from GCash in USA?

You can cash out at any BancNet and/or Card affiliated ATM or at any GCash Partner Outlet. Simply look for the logo of either Mastercard or BancNet on the ATM.

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