Features of Metrobank Direct Online Banking

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Metrobank Direct offers a demo account where you can try out all the features of the online banking service. You can access the Metrobank Direct demo account on this page and test out its features, such as online bill payments and fund transfers.


The following is a quick overview of Metrobank Direct’s online banking services.


Overview of your account

Account types, balances, and enrolled accounts can all be viewed online. On each account’s link, you can see a breakdown of your balance.

Views expressed

The details of your Metrobank account transactions can be viewed online. You can view your transactions for the current day by clicking “View Today’s Transaction,” or you can view your past transactions by clicking “View Statement Criteria” based on the cut-off date of your account.


Pay your bills via Metrobank Direct

Besides paying your bills with Metrobank Direct, you can also make payments with hundreds of other companies such as airlines, credit cards, online shopping sites, government agencies, schools, telcos, and utilities.


Simply enter the category, biller, subscriber or account number, reference number, and phone number, and then select the account to debit as well as the payment amount.


Payment can be made immediately or up to 90 days in advance. In addition, recurring payments can be scheduled up to three years in advance.


Transferring funds From Metrobank Direct

Metrobank Direct makes it easy to transfer money between   accounts. By actually going to the Manage Accounts section, you can enroll other Metrobank accounts and other third-party accounts in order to transfer funds. In addition, funds can be transferred to unregistered third-party accounts with a transaction limit of amounting to ₱5,000 (this can be increased through the Manage Accounts section).

You can schedule even your fund transfers up to 90 days in advance and set up recurring transfers for up to three years. Make sure though that your account is funded at least one banking day before the transfer date.


Metro Manila to countryside/provincial branch transfers (and vice-versa) will be subject to a *25 transaction fee.  


The checkbook needs to be re-ordered

Metrobank checking account holders can order up to nine checkbooks per request. Up to three years can be set up for recurring checkbook reorder.


Account Management

You can enroll your other accounts, unenroll accounts, modify your accounts, and manage transaction limits here.


Sign up all your Metrobank accounts and third-party accounts to receive funds.

Unenroll Accounts – Delete your own or third-party accounts.

You can use your account to trade stocks by enrolling it.

Manage accounts – Set up different accounts for various financial transactions such as paying bills, transferring funds, and paying taxes.

Set your maximum transaction limit by using the Manage Transaction Limit feature.

Changing or editing your saved templates is easy.

Sign up for a New Metrobank Account

Open an account online with Metrobank Direct and avoid the line at the branch. Input the amount to be initially deposited into your new account along with your withdrawal account. Upon the opening of your new account, it will be in the same branch as that of your source account.

The metrobank branch will give you your deposit proof (passbook or ATM card) within three banking days after opening your new account.


Trading on the stock market

With First Metro Securities’ online trading facility, Metrobank customers are able to invest in the stock market. Your Metrobank Direct account can then be used to fund your stock trading transactions with First Metro Securities.


To access the online trading facility, go to Manage Accounts and click Stock Trading. After that, visit the First Metro Securities website and fill out the online application. You can print, sign, and bring the application documents to Metrobank’s branch office.