Enrolling in Metrobank Direct Online Banking

Metrobank Direct online banking allows you to use your Metrobank account to pay bills, transfer money, check your account balance, and more. Enroll in Metrobank Direct if you have a Metrobank account to enjoy the convenience and ease of online banking. Isn’t it nice to be able to check how much money you have in your account from just your computer or smartphone?


We have put together a step-by-step guide how to enroll your Metrobank account with Metrobank Direct online banking. Currently, Metrobank accounts can only be enrolled with an ATM card. Metrobank Direct can still be enrolled for non-ATM accounts by filling out an EBanking enrollment form at any Metrobank branch.


Step-by-step instructions for enrolling in Metrobank Direct online

Go to https://personal.metrobankdirect.com to open the Metrobank Direct website.


To sign up for it, click the “Join now” button.The “Secure Login” link is inside the login form.


Sign in to Metrobank Direct

In the dropdown box, choose “ATM CARD”. Continue by clicking “Continue”.

Enrollment in Metrobank Direct

Step 3: Enter requested information, including your preferred user ID, ATM card number, and PIN.


Important: You must definitely add three zeroes (000) at the end of the 16 digit ATM card number.


Enter the PIN using the virtual keyboard which will pop up upon clicking the ATM PIN field.


Metrobank Direct online banking enrollment

Click “Continue” when you’re done.


Review your Metrobank Direct online enrollment details. Changes can be made now. You can edit your information by clicking “Back” or confirm your enrollment by clicking “Confirm”.


Metrobank Direct Internet banking enrollment

Step 5: View the Metrobank Direct enrollment details. You can then choose to print it or close the browser window.


Metrobank transaction acknowledgment

Step 6: You will also receive an email from Metrobank with the subject “Metrobankdirect User Activation.” Click activation link inside that email and enter the temporary password. Click “Continue” to proceed.

Welcome to MetrobankDirect

Step 7: Read the terms and conditions. Click “I Agree” to continue.


Terms and conditions

Step 8: Choose three (3) security challenge questions and their corresponding answers. Click “Save” when you’re done.


Security challenge

Step 9: Check phone for the one-time password or the (OTP). Enter it into provided field and click the “Continue.”


If you have not received the OTP activation code after a few minutes, click “Regenerate OTP Code” to get a new one.

OTP activation code

Step 10: It is time for you to change your password. Enter then the temporary password that was given in the activation email.  Enter your new password twice as well. Your new password must be about 10-32 characters long, must contain at least 1 uppercase and lowercase letter, also include numbers, and has a special character.


Click “Continue” to proceed.


Change password

Step 11: Your Metrobank Direct online banking account is now fully activated and is ready for use. Click the “Login” to sign in to your Metrobank Direct account.


Change password successful

With your Metrobank Direct online banking account, you can view your account statement, transfer funds to another account, pay your bills, open new accounts, and even pay your taxes.