How to Open Metrobank Account

Opening a Metrobank Account 


  1. Open an account at your preferred Metrobank branch
  2. You can open a bank account by asking the guard. They will surely direct you to the bank’s New Account Section.
  3. A bank employee will ask you to provide the following information in the new account section

   Fill out a form and provide a sample of your signature. Be prepared to provide your 2X1 ID picture (basically, almost all banks require your recent picture – usually six months ago) during this period.


Keeping in mind that ID picture requirements might change in the future, it does not hurt if you bring a 2×2 ID photo with you.


Aside from ID picture, you will actually also be required to present at least two identification cards, such as your drivers license, SSS card, GSIS card, school ID, postal ID, passport, and any other government-issued identification card. An expired identification card will no longer be accepted by banks.


  1. Your initial deposit will be given in the last part. The initial deposit is listed above.
  2. When you make your initial deposit, the teller will give you a deposit slip. Keep that slip because the bank you exhibit will need it when you claim the ATM card. ATM card will actually be available 1 to 7 days usually.


In a nation-wide network of over 1000 ATMs, Metrobank is the largest bank.

         BancNet is proud to be affiliated with Metrobank.

         There are more than 2,600 Bancnet ATMs in the United States.