Metrobank Account Types You Can Open

You should be aware of the following before opening an ATM savings account

Balance requirements, interest rates, and fees are listed below.

  1. ATM deposit at Metrobank

         2,000 pesos in savings

         OFW – no initial deposit required (waived)

         P100 for SSS pensioners

  1. Maintaining Balance

         2,000 pesos in savings

         (Waived) maintain balance for OFW

         P100 for SSS pensioners

  1. Interest Earnings Balance

         P10,000 in savings

         P10,000 for OFWs

         P10,000 for SSS pensioners

  1. Interest

         Savings               – 0.250%

         The OFW is 0.250%

         Pensioners – 0.250%

  1. Fees for accounts below minimum monthly ADB for 2

   Monthly Consecutive

         Savings of 0.250

         Non-applicable for OFW

         SSS Pensioner – 0.250%