Requirements to Open Metrobank Account

What you need to know when opening an account


When you open an account at any Metrobank branch, you only need to prepare a few items. A valid, photo-bearing ID with your signature must be submitted. Valid identification is as follows:


  1. Passport (including those issued by foreign governments)


  1. Driver’s License


  1. Professional Regulation Commission ID


  1. Postal Identity Card


  1. Voter’s ID


  1. GSIS e-Card


  1. Social Security System card or Unified Multi-Purpose ID


  1. Senior Citizen Card


  1. Overseas Filipino Worker ID or e-card


  1. Seaman’s Book


  1. Alien Certificate of Registration or Immigrant Certificate of Registration


  1. Government Office and Government Owned and Controlled Corporations ID (e.g. BSP, SEC, Insurance Commission)


  1. Persons with Disabilities ID issued by the National Council on Disability Affairs


  1. Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID


  1. A valid school ID with a photo that has been signed by the Principal, Registrar, or Head of the School (the signature of the student on the ID is not required)


  1. For Filipino students attending public/government schools that do not issue school IDs:


Certifications containing the picture and signature of the child, signed by the principal or head of the school

Certificate of school enrollment signed by the principal or head of the school (applicable for local sales conducted by the Bank at school premises)

  1. Company ID (if signature bearing) issued by a covert person registered with or supervised by the BSP, SEC, or Insurance Commission


Rates and fees for deposits


The types of accounts that you open will have different fees and rates.


See the list of rates for peso accounts and foreign-denominated accounts below: