Transferring Money From Metrobank to GCash

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GCash and other mobile wallets have become more popular since more people are staying at home. Maybe you have a Metrobank account and use GCash. It’s not necessary to go to the Metrobank branch to top up your GCash wallet, because you then can transfer money from Metrobank to GCash using your mobile device or computer.


You can use the Metrobank account to top up your GCash wallet, as well as send money to someone else’s account. You want to pay for the item using GCash, but you do not have an account. As an alternative, you can send money directly from your Metrobank account to the GCash wallet of your recipient. GCash accounts don’t need to be your own.


You must have an account with Metrobank and have signed up for online banking at Metrobank before you can transfer money from Metrobank to GCash. Metrobank online banking allows you to check your balance, transfer money, and pay your bills from a computer or mobile device.


Let us discuss how to easily and conveniently transfer money from Metrobank to GCash.


Metrobank to GCash Transfer thru the Metrobank Mobile App

For this tutorial guide, we will then be using Metrobank mobile app.

Open the Metrobank app on mobile phone and login using your username and password. Once logged in, tap the hamburger menu on the upper-left corner.

Select “Transfer to Other Bank.”

Metrobank mobile app

For online transfers, you can choose either InstaPay or PESONet. Instead of PESONet which takes several hours to transfer funds, we’ll use InstaPay.


Tap “Transfer” under “One-Time Transfer.”.


Transferring money to another account

The following details should be entered or selected:


Go to the bank and choose “GCash.”

The recipient’s GCash account number should be entered here.

It is usually “Individual” who should be the beneficiary.

– First name of the recipient.

Name of middle child – Optional.

The recipient’s last name is the surname or family name.

Add your address here if you wish.

Why are you conducting this transaction?  

Please enter email address of your recipient so that a confirmation message will be sent to them. You can then also enter the recipient’s mobile number by clicking “Use mobile instead”.

GCash to Metrobank transfer

Click “Next” to continue.


Choose the source account for your fund transfer.

GCash money transfer from Metrobank

Your transfer amount is entered here. Each source account is limited to 50,000 transactions per day. Take note of the transaction fee, if applicable.


Verify the transfer details and ensure that all information is correct. Press the “Submit” button.


GCash to Metrobank fund transfer

A one-time password (OTP) will be then sent to the Metrobank mobile number on your account. Then click “Submit.”


Click “Resend” if did not receive the OTP.

The transaction is in progress

Transferring money from Metrobank to GCash has begun. When the transaction is successful, your recipient and you will receive a confirmation email and text.


Check with your recipient to see if he received the money in GCash. The recipient of the transfer will almost instantly receive the money if you use InstaPay.


Through the Metrobank Online Website, you can transfer money to GCash

If you don’t have the Metrobank app (or if you don’t want to install it), you can use Metrobank’s online banking website to transfer funds from Metrobank to GCash.


You can access Metrobank Online via your web browser on your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. When logged in, select “Send Money.”.


Website for Metrobank’s online banking

Please enter the transaction details as follows:


Please enter the value you would like to send (Enter a value) – Enter the value.

(Select the recipient) – Select the “GCash” option.

Select either the “Individual” or “Organization” account type.

The recipient’s GCash account number should be entered here.

An individual’s first name.

Name – The last name of the recipient.

A confirmation email be sent to this address. It is optional to do so.

It is optional to provide your address.

The source can be selected (Select the source).

Tell us what you want to accomplish with this transaction. You can write “Fund Transfer.”

The next step is to click “Next”.


GCash to Metrobank transfer

Review your payment details, ensuring that the recipient’s account details are correct.

To proceed with the Metrobank to GCash transfer, click “Continue”.


Transfer money from Metrobank to GCash

Currently, the fund transfer is being processed. Your recipient and you will receive confirmations of the transfer by text and email.


The money should arrive in the recipient’s GCash account in seconds because the transfer is facilitated by InstaPay. Ensure that the recipient has received the money into his GCash account.


You can send money in progress


If you have a GCash account, you can send money to anyone using Metrobank. Thanks to the Internet, Metrobank’s GCash service makes it easy and convenient to send money to anyone’s GCash wallet.


Metrobank customer support can be reached by calling (02) 88-700-700 or the toll-free hotline 1-800-1888-5775.