Calling Landline Numbers Using Globe or Smart Sim Card

The telephone was the main mode of long-distance communication before the advent of cellphones. Even so, landline or fixed telephones are still around in many homes and offices today, but most people tend to use their mobile phones to communicate with their friends and family. Our article explains how to make calls to landlines from either your Smart or Globe cellphone or over the telephone.

In the Philippines, dialing a landline number is not as simple as dialing a telephone number with seven digits. The sole reason for this is because you might have to add the area code to the telephone number you are calling. Nevertheless, you need not include the area code if you are going to be calling a number in a similar area code. For calls from places with different area codes, you must include the area code.

It is necessary to place 82 before the telephone number when calling someone in Davao from Manila. So call 221-3575, but dial 82-221-3575 rather than 221-3575.

If you are going to call someone from overseas, you should and must include the country code +63. In that case, the landline number 221-3575, which has an area code of 82, becomes +63-82-221-3575

You will soon become familiar with the steps involved in calling a landline number in the Philippines, no matter where you are located.

Steps on How to Call A Landline Number Using Your Cellphone with Smart or Globe Sim Card

Cellphones must always use the area code to call a landline number. No matter where you are calling from or what the area code is, you must still include it.

As required and mandated by board of National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), the National Telecommunications Code 2 now has 8 digits, covering Metro Manila, Bacoor City, and San Pedro, Laguna. Subscribers of Globe must add “7” to their existing phone numbers while subscribers of PLDT must add “8.”

Using your telephone to make local calls

The phone makes it easy to call local landlines. You need to place “0” and the area code before the landline number you want to call.

Call to a provincial landline

In order to dial a landline number outside Metro Manila or in a province, please follow this format:

The area code plus the seven-digit landline number