Paying Your PLDT Bills Online



Paying bills online is one of the conveniences of modern life. Instead of spending time and effort going to a bill payment center, you can settle your dues on your computer or mobile device. If you’re a subscriber to PLDT, for example, you can pay your PLDT bills online using Internet-based payment facilities.


Instead of heading to a payment outlet, you can pay your PLDT bills online if you’re busy or unable to leave the house. PLDT does offer several ways to pay your bills online, such as the PLDT website or the mobile app. With PLDT bills, digital wallets like GCash and PayMaya can even be used.


If you pay your PLDT bills online, you not only save time but most especially energy, you help save the environment by in fact reducing paper waste. A number of PLDT’s customers already have paperless billing in place to help conserve natural resources. Switching to online payments will allow you to do the same.


PLDT subscribers can now pay online via the following options.


Pay Express Online with PLDT

You can also find your 10-digit account number on your billing statement. Then click “Submit.”


Identify your account by entering the number

There is a list of account numbers, names, and balances for your PLDT accounts.


You need to enter the payment amount. Transactions must be at least P200.


Click “Credit Card.” If you have a BancNet online banking account, click “Debit / ATM Card.”


Pay Express Online with PLDT

You are now connected to PesoPay. By clicking the MasterCard or Visa logo you can choose a payment method. All MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted, as are both credit cards and debit cards.


Pay Express Online with PLDT

Please provide the following card information: card number, expiration date, name on card, and card verification number (CVV or CVC).

You can proceed by clicking “Submit”.


Online PLDT Pay Express

Your payment details will appear in a popup window. Verify that your payment details are correct and click “OK.”


Review your payment information

Your payment will be processed after a while. Once the payment transaction has been completed, click “Continue.”


I have completed the transaction for payment

A confirmation of payment will be sent to you via email. Details about your payment are contained in your transaction number. A confirmation text message will also be sent to you.

Pay Express Online with PLDT

Payments made through PLDT Pay Express Online require no bank account login or smartphone app, making it a convenient process. Just provide your Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card and you’re good to go.


Mobile and online banking

If you have an online banking account, you can pay your PLDT bills. Here are the banks where you can pay your bills online using your online or mobile banking account:



China Bank

BDO Unibank


EastWest Bank




Security Bank


Union Bank of the Philippines



If you plan to pay your bill through your bank, some of them, like BDO, will require you to enrol PLDT first.


This article will only focus on BDO online banking since there are several options. Use BDO online banking to pay your PLDT bills:


Payment of PLDT bills through BDO

Log in to your BDO online banking account using the website or mobile app.

“Pay Bills” is the option to select.

Describe how you intend to pay. Then choose the PLDT account you are enrolled in and enter the amount. To continue, tap “CONTINUE.”

Review your payment information. Upon reviewing, click “CONFIRM.”

Your successful bill payment transaction will be confirmed by a BDO email.

BDO online bill payment for PLDT

PLDT will also send you a text message once your payment has been posted to your account. Payments may not be reflected in your PLDT account for 24 hours.



You can use digital wallets such as GCash to pay your PLDT bills online if you don’t have a credit card or an online banking account. GCash is free to sign up for. If you register using this link, you will receive *50 free after verifying your GCash account. The GCash sign up and verification guide can be found here.