Prepaid WiFi Review

PLDT’s portable smart LTE WiFi device gets a hands-on test

Modern day Internet connections must be fast and reliable. Facebook photos don’t load quickly, and YouTube videos are buffering. Although most DSL or fiber optic Internet plans provide fast enough Internet for the whole family, if you don’t have one, you can choose a prepaid WiFi device like the PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi.

The PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is a portable modem that allows anyone to connect to the Internet with a prepaid data subscription. There are no monthly bills or contracts with PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi, unlike fixed phone lines or postpaid plans like PLDT Home Fibr. Neither wires nor external antennas are required; it simply plugs into the nearest outlet and starts connecting to the Internet immediately. Families and households who do not qualify for postpaid or broadband Internet service can take advantage of the PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi plan.

If you want to access the Internet, you can register for an Internet data plan like FamLoad with PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi.With a Free 10 GB of data which is valid for 7 days comes with the device, so you can browse the internet right away. You can use the PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid straight out of the box since it is plug-and-play. Installing or setting up this program is extremely simple.

It uses the LTE 700 MHz band, which is a low-frequency signal that penetrates thick walls and buildings. Thus, it is possible to place the modem inside your house and still take advantage of Smart’s nationwide LTE network. It doesn’t require an external antenna or position near a window to ensure optimal browsing speed. Up to 5 devices can also be connected simultaneously, making the modem ideal for a family.

Let’s begin with an unboxing of the PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi.

Prepaid PLDT Home WiFi box
The box contains a white modem, a yellow LAN cable, a black DC adapter, a warranty certificate, and a manual. A plastic modem measures 13.2 by 12.7 by 3.4 cm.

Prepaid WiFi modems and accessories for the PLDT Home
There are five indicator lights on the modem (from left to right): power, network, WiFi, LAN, and signal strength.

Internet modem PLDT Home Prepaid
A power port and two LAN ports are located on the back. Reset and WPS buttons are also present. After five seconds, pressing the reset button will reset your device and all settings will be reset to their default settings, including passwords.

Located on the right side of your phone, the SIM slot is sealed by a sticker. Opening the SIM slot or tampering with the sticker may void the warranty, so I don’t recommend it unless you plan on changing the SIM.

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi back panel
In addition to the WiFi name (SSID) and WiFi key or password, the modem displays your IMEI, serial number, and MAC address at the bottom of the device.

When the DC adapter has been plugged into an electrical outlet, the modem will be powered up. Auto-start will turn on the modem.

Wi-Fi router for prepaid PLDT customers
Connect the modem to Smart LTE after waiting a few minutes. Now that the WiFi indicator light is blue, you can connect to WiFi and start surfing. Signalling is good if the light is green (the light with three bars), while signaling is excellent if it is blue. A red light means that the signal is weak or that there is no reception.

Connecting to WiFi
You can even connect the mobile device to the PLDT Home WiFi network by going to the WiFi settings (found in the notification area of your phone) and choosing it from the list. There is a default WiFi password, which is pldthome, which starts with “PLDT_Home.”

When you are using a Windows computer, click the WiFi icon on the taskbar, select PLDT’s WiFi network (which starts with “PLDT_Home”), and click “Connect.” Type the PLDT network security code or WiFi password, which is pldthome. Click “Next” to connect to the WiFi.

With PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi, you get 10GB of data for 7 days, so you can start surfing right away. To continue surfing as long as your data is consumed you can buy prepaid load (the number works like a credit card) and register to a FamLoad promo.

I highly recommend PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi to anyone who needs solid, reliable Internet but does not have time to sign up for postpaid fiber and DSL plans. For many Filipinos, wired Internet is still the best option, but it is expensive and not readily accessible. PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi lets you enjoy fast Internet without having to fill out application forms, sign contracts, and pay monthly fees.

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is indeed an affordable option for students, remote workers, and casual Internet users. PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is available at the official PLDT Home website.