Speed test of prepaid PLDT WiFi

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi will now be tested to see if it can hold its own against its competitors, such as Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi or even its high-end sibling, PLDT Home Fibr.

My expectations for a prepaid Internet device are exceeded even when the modem is placed three meters from the closest window. I performed the test at 4 PM and was able to get a result of a download speed of whooping 19.16 Mbps and an upload speed of 30.07 Mbps.

Prepaid WiFi Internet speed at PLDT Home
Then at 9 PM and it was raining I performed another speed test as a test of the validity of the results. The download speed this time was 22.25Mbps, and upload speed was 22.09Mbps, with a latencies of 16ms.

Prepaid PLDT WiFi Internet speed
It’s not at broadband speed, but it’s still much better than Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi, which I attributed to poor network coverage by Globe compared to PLDT and Smart. You might be better off choosing Globe’s plans if its coverage and reception are better in your area. Choose PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi if PLDT/Smart is better or about the same. The answer lies in the quality of Smart’s 4G/LTE network in your area.

For Internet browsing and gaming, I can say that PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi meets all my requirements. It has good latency, decent speed, and rarely disconnects. Playing mobile games and watching YouTube videos require moderate bandwidth usage. Just don’t expect it to be as fast and reliable as fiber-optic Internet or even DSL since mobile networks are more prone to connectivity issues than wired connections.