The Default Admin Access to PLDT Fibr, DSL and Ultera – Username and Password


The company PLDT is currently offering various internet plans that will cater to your specific needs. The plans come with their own modem router. If you plan to manage and secure your chosen internet plan then you need to change some settings to your WIFI network efficiently but first you need to know how you will be able to access the Admin of your internet plan. While accessing your Admin can change your password and username, you can do so much more in order for you to secure your network. These include changing the WiFi Password and the SSID, restricting certain users to access your internet, filtering some URLs, setting a Firewall in your internet and many more. 

This article will help you access your PLDT router’s Admin Settings, in order for you to access your PLDT Router, you must know the default gateway of your router. In some, this is known as the IP address gateway that you will need to type in the address bar of  your browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. The most common gateway that most plan uses is the address, but there are a lot of exceptions here, some PLDT modems do not recognize this address and will therefore give you nothing when you type them in on your browser’s Address Bar. 

After entering the default gateway address, you will most likely encounter an error page that will state that the page you are about to enter is not secure, in which case, just click on Advance or select Proceed to (unsafe). Anyways, the list below will show you the default admin access to different PLDT Internet Plans. 

 The Default Admin Access to PLDT Fibr, DSL and Ultera – Username and Password

PLDT Home Fibr

Fiberhome ONU GPON router

Username: admin

Password: 1234


Username: admin

Password: admin

Huawei router

Username: telecomadmin

Password: admintelecom

PLDT Home DSL (Kasda, Tenda, Zyxel, Baudtec, Huawei, Prolink, ZTE, Speedsurf, iGateway, Arcadyan, ADSL / VDSL modems)

Username: admin

Password: 1234


Username: adminpldt

Password: 1234567890

PLDT Home Ultera

Greenpacket OT-350 (White Ultera 4G LTE modem)

via – router settings

Username: homeultera

Password: homeultera

via – wifi settings

Username: homebro

Password: homebro

PLDT Home Bro Ultera Black router/modem


Username: voip

Password: 1234

There you go, those are the default PLDT password and usernames that will let you access the admin access of your PLDT Internet Plan.