Getting a PSA Birth Certificate

Knowing how to get your birth certificate is part of “adulting.” Almost every time you apply for something new–whether it’s a passport or a driver’s license, a new visa or a new job–this document is required. Furthermore, having the document is an easy way to prove your identity and birth date, should the need arise.

Even if this is your first time actually applying for a birth certificate, requesting the document from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is incredibly simple. The steps you need to take to obtain the essential document are discussed, whether you apply online or offline.

How to obtain your birth certificate online
You can get your birth certificate online quickly and easily if you don’t want to deal with Manila’s traffic and long lines. If you need your birth certificate, visit PSA Serbilis’ website, which is a one-stop online portal for requesting all requirements such as birth, marriage, or death certificate, or a certificate of no marriage.

Fill out the Serbilis website’s delivery form, which will ask for your full name and address for delivery.

If you ever need a birth certificate for a visa application, the online service can deliver your document directly to the embassy. The U.S. Embassy, the U.K. Embassy, the Australian Embassy, and the Spanish Embassy provide this service. Otherwise, then fill out the rest of the form for your preferred delivery address.

Once you have filled out your form, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. Verify your details and make sure they are accurate.

Please note that this is not your actual request form yet! This is similar to creating a Serbilis account. Upon completing this, you will be redirected to the actual requests page.

Upon clicking the “add birth certificate” button, you’ll be asked if you’ve ever had your birth certificate corrected or amended, and if you’ve already requested a corrected birth certificate from the PSA office. You cannot request a corrected birth certificate online if it is your first time requesting one. You will need to visit the PSA office in person and request it in person with supporting documents (more on that later).

However, if you have never amended your birth certificate or it is not your first time to request an amended certificate, you can proceed to the next step: filling up a request form for your birth certificate. The form will ask for the basic information: your name, address, parents’ names, birth date, and whether you were late in registering. We will ask you for the purpose of your visit as Well, your application and, if you’re not requesting for yourself, your relationship with the owner of the birth certificate. Additionally, you can request multiple copies of your birth certificate.

You can now submit your request form once you’ve checked and verified all the information. After doing that, you will then be redirected to a confirmation page with a batch request number and instructions on how to pay. For delivery within the Philippines, each copy of the birth certificate will cost you P330. Processing fees, delivery charges, and taxes are already included in this fee.

Payment can be made in four ways: 1.) You can pay online using a credit card at the link provided on the Serbilis website. 2.) You can pay via BDO: at the BDO branch, online or through any BDO ATM (these are available only to BDO account holders). 3.) Unionbank also has over-the-counter services, online banking and ATMs (the last two are exclusive to Unionbank customers). 4.) Bayad Center outlets accept payment.

If you have paid, you can check the status of your document using your Batch Request Number on PSA Serbilis’ homepage. The processing of your document begins one working day after your payment; you can expect your birth certificate to arrive 3 to 5 working days after payment if you live within Metro Manila, 4 to 9 working days if you live outside Metro Manila, and 6 to 8 weeks if you live overseas. PSA uses third-party courier services like 2Go and LBC for deliveries, and only delivers between 8am and 5pm on weekdays, so make sure someone will be available to receive your documents during those times!

Walk-ins are welcome
No access to the internet? A birth certificate can also be obtained offline at either a Census Serbilis Center (see a list of branches) or an SM Business Center. When requesting someone else’s birth certificate, make sure to bring a valid ID and the authorization letter. Birth certificates cost P230 each at Serbilis Centers and typically take 1 to 2 hours to process. SM Business Centers, on the other hand, charge P180 for each copy, and it can take four to six days for you to receive the certificate.